Rollators are considered as walkers with legs. Some are three-wheeled or four wheels and may have brakes and a seat.
“Helping Older Adults Stay Independent” The West Madison Senior Center was established in 1975. Our mission is to help older adults stay
Finding the best wheelchair to suit your mobile needs is a huge decision that will impact your entire lifestyle going
There are a number of reasons why a dog or cat would need some kind of mobility help. Some develop
Individuals that need assistance with walking or have limited mobility often will want to upgrade their older manual wheelchairs with
The recliner is an innovated development to the classic wheelchair. Reclining wheelchairs have been designed for people with health conditions
Having quality wheel chair ramps installed around your home can be the difference between easy accessibility and zero accessibility for
Bariatric wheelchairs are designed with the goal of accommodating a wide range of bodyweights. Typically, bariatric wheelchairs are considered for
Walking canes are one of the most effective lightweight mobility aids on the market. For individuals who need additional support
Mobility devices like rollators are designed to help people with disabilities and the elderly regain their independence. These lightweight rollators