Bariatric wheelchairs are designed with the goal of accommodating a wide range of bodyweights. Typically, bariatric wheelchairs are considered for users that require heavier carrying weights on a regular basis.
Bariatric wheelchairs, often known as an oversized wheelchair, require all of the traditional features that a conventional wheelchair will possess. From comfortable seats to a solidly constructed frame, bariatric wheelchairs must meet and exceed certain requirements in order to appropriately accomplish its task.
Bariatric wheelchairs can offer patients who are suffering from movement issues the kind of movement that they need to stay functioning at a high level on a day-to-day basis. Utilizing reinforced material frames and heavy-duty tires, bariatric wheelchairs feature many modern enhancements.
If you want cushioned seats, swing-away legs, and extendable armrests, you’ll find those too. Bariatric wheelchairs are created in order to maximize comfort while incorporating as many safety and accessibility features as possible.

Bariatric wheelchair models

Listed below, you’ll find three great plus size wheelchair options that offer premium comfort.

DriveMedical Bariatric Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

When it comes to finding a quality wheelchair that is backed by premium components, you cannot go wrong pursuing DriveMedical’s product line. The DriveMedical Bariatric Heavy-Duty Transport Wheelchair is the ideal solution for getting users from one area to the next without the rigors involved with setting up an elaborate wheelchair.

This heavy-duty wheelchair is reinforced by steel cross braces that are installed directly to the heavy-duty steel body. The wheelchair can support upwards of 450 lbs and features a 22-inch seat. This 22 inch wheelchair is covered in durable nylon upholstery that is equipped with a carrying pouch for transporting personal items.

Transport wheelchairs are ideal for moving a person around via a caregiver. Transport wheelchairs need to be lightweight, durable and easy to use. The DriveMedical Bariatric Transport Wheelchair is as good as it gets in the bariatric niche for transportation purposes.

DriveMedical Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

Active wheelchair users who want to get out and stay active will end up loving this option. This active wheelchair was designed with the sole intention of giving wheelchair users the ability to seize their freedom in order to enjoy moving around without the weight intrinsic to the traditional extra large wheelchair.

This wheelchair is highly customizable and comes with a variety of different armrest options. The footrests, as well, can be manipulated in order to give the user the most comfort possible. Features are aplenty on this sport wheelchair as it also showcases push-to-lock brakes and swing away footrests.

Whenever you begin shopping around for an active-use wheelchair, you need to pay special attention to the quality of materials being used in the construction of the item. This wheelchair features a lightweight steel body that has been powder coated with an attractive silver finish for visual and durability benefits. The tires on this wheelchair are made of high-quality urethane and mounted on durable composite wheels.

This wheelchair can handle up to 350 lbs and the seat is 20 inches in width. As an extra bonus, this product also features nylon upholstery that makes for an easy cleaning experience.

DriveMedical Sentra EC Heavy Duty Wheelchair

For a traditional heavy-duty wheelchair, the DriveMedical Sentra EC wheelchair is as good as it gets. This wheelchair is comprised of a carbon steel body that has been triple-coated with a chrome finish. With a sleek black upholstery, extra-wide seating, and a multitude of features, your needs will likely be met. As a large wheelchair, the Sentra EC has the capacity to cover a wide range of medical requirements.

The Sentra EC can handle up to 450 pounds and is as durable as you could possibly want it to be. The wheelchair itself is chip-proof and easy to maintain. The dual axle design makes for easy transitions and the caster wheels are touted as being of extremely high-quality. This wheelchair also showcases aluminum footplates and chrome wheel rims for maximum aesthetic appeal while giving you the option to position yourself or your loved one with the comfort that they deserve.

Bariatric wheelchairs don’t have to be ugly, heavy-duty things and the Sentra EC makes that point loud and clear.

Types Of Bariatric Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchair

This style of wheelchair is ideal for users that need to be pushed around by a caregiver. Transport wheelchairs are routinely used to get a person from point A to point B without the rigors associated with putting together a regular wheelchair.

Extra-Wide Wheelchair

A wide seat wheelchair offers widened proportions in order to allow users of all body types the ability to sit comfortably.

Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

Heavy duty wheelchairs offer robust carrying capacities while backing up their burden with premium materials. These wheelchairs are durable and can take a beating related to daily use.

Active Wheelchair

If you plan on getting outside and want to be able to withstand the rigors associated with outdoor use, an active wheelchair is ideal for you. Also known as a ‘sport wheelchair’, this style of bariatric wheelchair gives you the freedom to pursue the activities that make you happy.

How To Select a Bariatric Wheelchair

Take Proper Measurements

It is important to pay attention to the different bariatric wheelchair dimensions that will determine your comfort. While the seat width is important (ranging up to 24 inches) this isn’t the only measurement to take heed of.

  • A) Shoulder Width
  • B) Chest Width
  • C) Hip Width
  • D) Seat to Top Of Head
  • E) Seat to Top Of Shoulder
  • F) Seat to Floor
  • G) Seat Depth
  • H) Seat Width

Having these measurements on hand can be the difference between selecting a comfortable 24 inch wheelchair and an uncomfortable 22-inch wheelchair.

Focus On Carrying Capacities

Bariatric wheelchairs are designed to handle a heavier load in comparison to traditional wheelchairs. With that being said, there are still gradations between lightweight bariatric wheelchairs and heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs. Traditionally, bariatric wheelchairs can handle up to 450 lbs depending on the model.

Pay Attention To Comfort Features

Comfort is key when shopping for a wheelchair of any style. Some features to focus on include:

  • A) Swing-Away Footrests
  • B) Anti-Tip Technology
  • C) Seatbelts
  • D) Extendable Armrests
  • E) Seat & Backrest Padding

High-Quality Materials

Bariatric wheelchairs are typically built from a steel body and then reinforced with crossbars for support. You’ll find that there are also differences in the type of material used for the comfort sections of the chair: such as nylon upholstery or leather backing.

You’ll also want high-quality materials to be used on the wheels, casters, and footrests as well. Typically, steel, aluminum, and iron are the materials of choice for those specific aspects of the wheelchair.