Individuals that need assistance with walking or have limited mobility often will want to upgrade their older manual wheelchairs with one of the better portable electric wheelchairs. Before purchasing, it is advisable to research what the available options are. Below are product descriptions on models promising to be the best power wheelchair available.

Electric wheelchairs models

Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy Scooter Powered-Wheelchair GP162 by Golden Technologies

This powered wheelchair scooter offers an easy-to-maneuver portable lightweight design that will truly be envied by others. This model has been created with the user and/or caregiver in mind. The LiteRider Envy is simply dissembled for easy-transport that will fit nicely into an car or other vehicle trunk or storage space.

The wheelchair offers all-day riding comfort with a full-sized stadium styled seat, and this chair includes a generous footplate as well. This chair model now includes two larger standard 22 amp hour batteries that allow the user to go much further than they could before.

This powered scooter wheelchair delivers an operating range of up to 15 miles with a top speed of 4 mph. A convenient under-seat storage basket offers a safe place to stash belongings and necessities.

This is truly one of the world’s best compact electric wheelchair available for purchase today. Users will find this affordable and impressive wheelchair model fun to drive and simple to operate for a comfortable ride that can’t be beat.

  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Easy-to-Assemble/Dissemble for Easy Transport/Storage
  • Affordable Price
  • Includes 2 Larger 22 Ah Batteries Now Standard
  • Operating Range – Up to 15 Miles with Top-Speeds 4 MPH
  • Gorgeous Cherry Color
  • Convenient Under-Seat Storage Basket
  • Comfy Full-Sized Cushioned Stadium Seat
  • Sleek Silhouette Allows Better Fit in Narrow Spaces
  • Joystick Power Features Touchy Until User Used to Controls – PracticeRecommended
  • Must be Assembled – Easy-to-Do
Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair, Burgundy by CTM Mobility Scooter

This ingenious compact mid-wheel drive powered chair is an excellent choice that offers many stellar features. The chair boasts a patented anti-tip wheel design to ensure user safety keeping riders securely on course. Users love the easy-to-maneuver turning radius that allows for smoother turns around corners and tight spaces with minimal effort.

The chair includes flat-free tires and an anti-top wheel design that’s both strong and responsive allowing the rider to stay safely right on course. This model offers an easy swing-away joystick that allows user to pull up close to any desk or table, and this powered chair also features an effortless splendid wheel lever that users will appreciate.

Many users consider this to be the best motorized wheelchair available to consumers on the market today. A clever Shark controller with easy-use joystick is included with the chair models standard features.

The comfortable and supportive 19″ mid-back style seat is included with adjustable headrest and roomier also adjustable footplate allows a smooth ride in the utmost comfort that riders fall instantly in love with.

Users will adore this sleek electronic wheel chair that safely supports users up to 300 lbs weight capacity. The chair comes in beautiful color options like burgundy.

  • Smooth Riding Mid-Wheel Drive Powered Chair
  • Sleek Body Design & Beautiful Color Selections
  • Comfortable Ride with Padded Seat & Mid-Back Rest
  • Adjustable Back/Seat/Footplate for Custom Fit
  • Tight-Turning Radius Allows Easier Maneuvering Into Tight & Narrow Spaces &Around Sharp Corners
  • Convenient Swing-Away Joystick Allows User to Pull-Up Close toTable/Desk
  • User Effortless Wheel Lever
  • Durable, Strong & Responsive Anti-Tip Wheel Design Offers MaximumSafety
  • Max Speed 4MPH
  • Allows Rider to Go Farther Than with Most Other Wheelchair Options
  • To Ensure the Right Purchase Features – Customer Should Refer to ProductDescription for Color
  • Extreme Control Sensitivity – Practice Recommended Before Use
Foldawheel PW-999UL (Free Travel Bag-2yrs Warranty-2 Batteries) by Foldawheel

This lightweight wheelchair offers a quick and easy open/fold design feature, and it is considered one of the most compact powered wheelchairs on the market today. It weighs just 43 lbs and includes two li-ion batteries weighing 3 lbs each.

This model is one of the better and first released power wheelchair brands now on the market. It’s extraordinary lightweight design is still tough enough for everyday frequent use.

Many consumers have given high praise in their folding power wheelchair reviews, and its easy to see why. This novel design model opens and folds in just one second for the utmost in transport, portability and travel use possibilities.

This chair is sure to get you wherever you want to go. Users love the compact design that allows the model to stand upright and can be rolled when in transport if desired. Two long-lasting batteries included in purchase.

A cleverly designed under seat storage basket keep s all of your day’s supplies and possessions safe and hidden from view. The roomier adjustable footplate can also be pushed inwards to allow a closer fit.

This chair boasts a fun-to-use exceptionally responsive joystick that allows the user to simply and smoothly adjust speeds both accelerating and decelerating. An intuitive horn is also provided.

This particular mobilized wheelchair delivers a powerful motor that is up for getting the rider just about anywhere with ease. The motor’s design is made to last, and the brushless motor allows for faster mobility speeds yet saves on power.

  • Lightweight Opens, Folds & Locks in One Second
  • Two Powerful & Durable Batteries Included
  • Brushless Motor Still Powerful & Uses Less Power
  • Adjustable Footplate Allows Closer To Table Position
  • Under Seat Storage Basket
  • Comfortable Padded Seat and Supportive Backrest
  • Seat Also Has Breathable Cover Fabric that Can Be Washed
  • Sturdy Armrests Support Heavier Weights
  • Durable Wheels with Anti-Tip Technology
  • Easy to Maneuver Without Effort
  • Includes Travel Bag & Optional Headrest Available
  • Compact Design Might Be Tight for Taller Riders
  • Needs Control Practice as Sensitive to Touch
Foldawheel PW-1000XL (2 Yrs Warranty-2 Batteries-Free Travel Bag) by Foldawheel



This innovative power wheelchair by Foldawheel offers a lightweight design model weighing just 53 lbs plus 3.5 lbs per each Li-ion battery. Many consider this power wheelchair as one with the longest driving range potential.

The chair features an easy fold/open/lock mechanism that is convenient and can be performed in just one second. This is possibly the best electric wheelchair on the market.

Features a quiet running powerful motor built to last. Top-quality rubber tires ensures smoother rides. Padded seat and backrest offer better comfort for all-day-use. Can go at speeds 5 MPH, and the long lasting two batteries are also included with a handy travel bag.

This impressive wheelchair can remain standing upright during transport for the ease of transport. Handles up to 330 or more lbs weight capacity. Four spring suspension gives smoother rides that users will truly appreciate.

Customers can get another battery when purchasing this chair. An intuitive and easy-to-operate joystick makes using this chair simple for the rider.

  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight Design
  • Folds, Opens & Locks in Just One Second
  • Stands Upright if Desired During Transport
  • Durable Rubber Tires and 4 Spring Suspension for Smoother Rides
  • Intuitive Joy Stick Controls
  • Under Chair Storage Bag
  • Portable & Travel Ready for Easy Transporting
  • Comfortable Padded Supportive Backrest, Seat & Optional Headrest
  • Quiet Running Motor is Powerful Yet Energy Saving Too
  • Fantastic Maneuvering Ability with Little User Effort
  • Some Users Report Sticking Red Light Indicating Lock-On – Simply PowerOn/Off if Happens
  • Taller Users Should Check Height Recommendations first
Electric Power Wheelchair – Lightweight (50 lbs including Lithium Battery) by Innuovo

This novel lightweight power chair is considered to be the most comfortable power wheelchair around. The design has been newly upgraded to provide more stability and security for the user.

In many power wheelchair reviews, this model comes up often as one of the easiest electrically powered wheelchairs to purchase these days. This truly remarkable wheelchair is FDA approved due to its reliable safety features. Riders also report that the riding experience is luxuriously comfortable with the well cushioned backrest, seat and headrest.

As far as mobil wheel chairs are concerned, this newly upgraded model selection offers many terrific benefits. This is by far one of the most safest, secure, comfortable, lightweight powered wheelchair found anywhere according to the fine customer reviews and professional recommendations.

This chair features an advanced designed joystick that delivers 360 degree action and an updated and secure electric-magnetic braking system that’s super easy to operate. This system allows the rider to have one hand free to brake when needed, and it works well on flat surfaces as well as on sloped environments too.

The ultra-stable solid wheels on the front and rear offer an incredibly smooth ride to just about any location. The 2X 250 weight powerful motors and topnotch construction makes this superior wheelchair extremely reliable and can handle even difficult mobility situations with ease.

This chair features a unique rear anti-leaning technology that makes the unit exceptionally stable and remarkably safe for use. There are two powerful and long-lasting batteries included for added rider and caregiver peace-of-mind.

Riders and caregivers alike will fall in love with the thick and incredibly comfy seat and padded back and headrest that helps prevent undo pressure on those vulnerable body parts like the neck, spine, hips and buttocks. This helps to prevent unwanted pressure problems that can lead to dangerous and painful bedsores common in individuals that have limited mobility.

A front wheel shock absorber feature plus outstanding construction details, like precision welding, helps to ensure that this wheelchair will last a very long time. An allover lightweight sturdy frame is easy to transport, and the quick fold-down design offers compact carry/transport/storage solutions.

This chair selection is ideal for motor vehicle or airplane travel as the sleek silhouette and fold-down storage feature allows the chair to be stored without needing a lot of space.

The seat cushion offers cool breathable comfort able to be washed when needed. This chair can go up to 12.5 MPH on a full charge, and can safely accommodate weights up to 295 lbs.

  • FDA Approved for Safety
  • Rotating Joystick 360 Degrees for Exceptional Maneuvering Power in SmallerSpaces
  • Sturdy Design with Top-Quality Construction for Long-Term Reliability
  • Lightweight Enough for Portable Mobility Option
  • Easy Fold-Down Option Open/Close/Lock for Convenient Multiple Uses
  • Incredibly Supportive & Comfy Seat/Back Padding with Washable BreathableCushion
  • Handles Various Terrains Including Slopes with Ease
  • Includes Improved Electric-Magnetic Braking System Rider Can Use One HandAction
  • Adjustable Anti-Leaning Rear Design for Increased Stability & Safety of theRider
  • Includes Two Batteries
  • Manufacturer Warranty & Replacement Parts Available
  • Directions Difficult to Decipher for Some, but Customer Service Able toHelp
  • Caution for Larger Individuals – Lightweight Design for 220 to 295 lbs Depending on Model
Go Chair Pride Mobility Travel Electric Powerchair – Includes Upgraded 18AH Batteries by Go Chair

This phenomenal electric power-chair option by Go Chair offers riders an incredible comfortable and smooth riding experience that most other wheelchairs can’t deliver. This specific design model has been recently re-engineered from the bottom up to the top. It features a sleek and lightweight but sturdy frame, stylish design factor and enviable performance additions.

Customers will find that this impressive and durable wheelchair comes in a nice array of trendy contemporary colors like this purple version. Swing-out storage bins fit discreetly under the seat to ensure that the rider has necessary supplies close-at-hand when needed.

It is a cinch to maneuver around smaller spaces and tight corners as this streamlined motorized wheelchair features turns-on-a-dime steering action. This chair comes with new and improved larger batteries for added convenience and longer battery power operation for the user.

Many love the lighter weight aluminum frame and the easy-carry and transport capabilities. There is a 300 weight capacity, and the fastest speed setting is
3.7 MPH. The chair comes with an available warranty for future peace-of-mind.

The chair features a wider type stance and longer wheel base, and this agile wheelchair can easily turn with a compact turning radius of an impressive 25.4″ for additional consumer satisfaction. This is the motorized wheelchair for those that like the full-sized seating comfort mixed with truly more agile and precise mobility options typically found in scooter type chairs.

  • Solid & Sturdy Frame with a Lightweight Design
  • Able to Turn Easily Around Tight Corners, in Narrow Halls or Going ThroughEntrance Ways
  • Easy to Transport & Store
  • Powerful Motors Offer Increased Mobility Ability
  • Comfortable & Soft Cushion Support on Seat & Back with Optional HeadrestAvailable
  • Agile Maneuvering Function
  • Includes Larger 18 Amp Batteries
  • Wider Stance & Longer Styled Base for Greater Stability & Balance
  • Dual Swing-Away Under Seat Storage Bins
  • Safely Holds Up to 300 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Faster Speed Action at 3.7 MPH
  • Easy-to-Remove Batteries for Easy Transport/Storage
  • Bold & Sleek Appearance & Trendy Contemporary Color Selections
  • Batteries Can Become Jarred When Traveling Over Bumpy Terrain & ConnectionsMay Loosen – Simply Reconnect to Fix
  • Hard for Some Users to Bend Down to Adjust Footrest
EZ Lite Cruiser – Model Standard – Personal Mobility Aid/Device – Lighter Weight Folding Power Wheelchair by EZ Lite Cruiser

This remarkable cruiser style power wheelchair option by EZ Lite Cruiser is a terrific choice as it transports easily and fits into your trunk. Weighing just 50 lbs with batteries included, this lighter weight wheelchair is made with the highest grade of strong aluminum alloy.

Customers like the easy-fold design that allows them to carry their mobility device neatly in the back of a car, truck or SUV. This model can safely carry riders up to 264 lbs. There is no need to install pricey and time-consuming lifts to your vehicle.

This chair has a fabulous turning capacity of an unbelievable 33 inches making it ideal for tight corners and spaces. Can go for 10 miles with fully charged battery that comes with the chair. This distance amount can be doubled by ordering a second battery for the chair which is sold separately.

Most customers are pleased by the affordable price for such an easy-to-operate newer electric wheelchair. This model usually costs far less than those older and bulkier models.

There are brushless yet powerful 250 watt HUB motors, and it also includes rubberized sturdy and durable 8″ rear wheels in a classy grey hue that gives this chair abundant extra traction.

EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12 Light Weight & Foldable Personal Mobility Aid

This good looking wheelchair also has many practical features and functions that should be all considered when determining which wheelchair is the right one to meet your specific individual mobility needs. The easy-to-use joystick control can be mounter for both right and left handed usage.

Comes with rechargeable batteries. The drive operational distance capacity can be easily increased by purchasing another battery and connection cable that are sold separate.

The tough wheels are made for longer term use, and the wheels won’t mark up your floors or carpets. The cozy plush seat cushions have a removable cover that is easy to wash, the the wheelchair stands upright when in the compact folded-down position.

Customers can find a lot of useful additional accessories for this wheelchair that are sold separately. Customers are also relieved to discover that this wheelchair manufacturer has a terrific BBB rating and a USA based customer service department.

  • Well-Constructed of Durable & Lightweight Aluminum
  • No Need to Install Expensive Wheelchair Lifts on Vehicle as This OptionFolds-Down Compact for Easy Travel/Carry/Storage
  • Stands Upright Folded Down to Make Transporting Easy
  • Non-Marking Solid Top-Quality Wheels
  • Small Turning Radius Makes Chair Able to Turn Tight Corners & Fit in NarrowHallways & Other Spaces
  • Much Cheaper Than Other Older Model Wheelchairs
  • Extra Battery, Charging Cable & Accessories Can Be Bought Separately
  • Quiet & Powerful Brushless Motors
  • Removable Seat Cover for Easy Washing
  • Safely Carries Riders Up to 264 lbs
  • Some Might Have Difficulty with Directions – There is a Helpful Video toAssist Customers as well as Customer Support Staff
  • On Extremely Steep Inclines or Ramps, Should Have Someone Behind
Forcemech Navigator – All Terrain Electric Folding Wheelchair (Navigator) by Forcemech

This is a heavy duty portable/transport powered wheelchair that is suited for all terrains and is approved for airplane use. It fits nicely into most car and truck trunks or storage spaces when folded down into it’s compact size. This action only takes seconds after learning the simple process.

The wheelchair comes with two super tough higher performance batteries that allow travel up to 16 miles. This powered wheelchair can also handle uncertain outdoor terrains and weather events unlike many of today’s other lightweight electric wheelchair models.

This sensational powered wheelchair will never let the rider down in terms of superb performance factors. The car moves up to 5 MPH, and it is capable of safely holding individuals up to 390 lbs.

The brushless 250 watt motor runs efficiently, quietly and effectively getting the user to their destinations without fail.

  • Built Tough to Last with Topnotch Construction
  • Made for Heavy Duty Use but Remains Lightweight for Easy Carrying, Travelingor Storing in its Fold-Down Compact Size
  • Works Indoors & Out in All Types of Weather & Terrain Options
  • Quiet, Powerful & Effective Motor Strength
  • Rugged Frame & Super Strength Re-Chargeable Batteries Included
  • Comfortable Style & Padded Seat & Back
  • Affordable
  • Speeds Up to 5 MPH, & Fits Riders Up to 390lbs
  • Made in USA with Awesome Customer Service Record
  • Precision Steering Abilities
  • User Might Need to Practice Controls to Ensure Safe Use
  • Few Heavier Riders Had Difficulties – Resolved Through Customer Service