Experts recommend the use of coccyx cushions, either for car seats or office chairs. The best product is one that
Having an accessible toilet is almost necessary when you are caring for elderly loved ones or individuals with a disability.
How To Choose a Hand Held Shower Heads for the Elderly These are some of the features of a shower
Many seniors and others have difficulties standing up after being seated for awhile. This can cause a safety issue, and
For people who have mobility challenges that make going to the bathroom more difficult, a raised toilet can be a
Special shopping carts with seats have been developed to help seniors and other people with mobility difficulties take care of
There are a large number of terrain and clearance challenges for users of wheelchairs. Narrow hallways, hairpin turns, stairs, enclosed
Having to deal with mobility issues as we age isn’t something that we should shy away from confronting. In fact,
Taking a shower with mobility issues can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous task. With showers being vital to our
For senior or handicapped loved ones, mobility can be difficult and even a short fall could be disastrous. Toilet bars,