One of the most difficult aspects of aging with grace is retaining our independence to do our day-to-day tasks, such
Individuals that have difficulties with bathing often have bathtubs and showers that meet their personal care needs. This could be
There are many individuals who need an adult toilet at their bedside due to decreased mobility. This might be used
Swivelling bath seats have become very popular with seniors or those with handicaps still living at home. The purpose of
Finding reliable and proven effective non-slip bath mats for the elderly might seem confusing at first. By researching some of
Step stools are designed to make it easier for seniors and individuals with disabilities to get in and out of
Seniors who have trouble getting in and out of a bathtub can order a specially designed tub that includes features
If you are looking to design an accessible shower area for your older or handicapped loved ones, you’ll need to
Shower chairs are vital pieces of safety equipment. Also known as shower benches, shower chairs are used by senior citizens,
Folding shower seats are particularly useful for people who have trouble standing while showering. Sitting in a bathtub can also