Best walkers with seats

People who face mobility challenges that are related to an injury, a chronic medical condition or the effects of aging often rely on walkers on wheels to maneuver with less difficulty. Also known as rollators, the best types of these walkers provide adequate support and can limit the risks of falling while walking. Individuals with limited strength often have an easier time using rollators over standard walkers because of the enhanced movement that comes from the wheels being located at the base of the legs. Many of the newest models also include seats for additional comfort.

Today’s rollators come with two, three or four wheels that allow easier maneuvering. Wheeled walkers with seats generally have four wheels to provide greater security while sitting. The best walker with seat and wheels will also have a padded seat and a rest for the back. Brakes are fitted on rollators to prevent them from rolling out of control or rolling away when not in use. Handlebars are part of each design to make pushing the wheeled scooter easier. People who have trouble walking can sit in their rollators and be pushed by a caregiver. Bariatric rollators are specially designed walkers that are built for larger individuals while individuals who have more trouble walking often benefit from rollators that can convert into wheelchairs.

Best Walkers with Seats Models

Hugo Portable – Accommodating up to 300 pounds, this walker with wheels and seat offers maximum stability for people on the go. A backrest is included with the seat to make sitting more comfortable. The handlebars with ergonomic handgrips can be adjusted to different heights. When the rollator is not in use, it can be easily folded for transport or storage.

  • OasisSpace Aluminum Rollator Walker

Many users have been impressed by this rollator’s compact design and light weight. At just 19 pounds, this model has become one of the most popular walkers for seniors with seat requirements. The widened seat measures 17.7 by 9.8 inches so that people of all sizes can enjoy sitting comfortably. A set of 10-inch wheels provides better stableness while in motion.

  • Drive Medical

The four-wheel rollator from Drive Medical is suited for walking over outdoor terrain and other uneven surfaces. Deluxe loop locks are included for added safety. The seat with padding is great when taking a break from walking or standing. Small personal belongings can be placed in the attached basket for easier transporting. The wheels are designed to not leave any marks behind on floors.

  • Drive Medical Duet

This is one of the other terrific four wheeled walkers with seats from the Drive Medical product line. The contoured rest that is used to accommodate the back while sitting can be adjusted to two different positions. The flat-free 8-inch wheels can go over many indoor and outside surfaces smoothly. If a patient is seated on the rollator and being pushed by a caregiver, a footrest can be folded down to keep the feet from dragging. To prevent the seat from folding by mistake, a seat lock is attached.

  • Carex Deluxe Walker

The lightness of this 17.5-pound walker is beneficial for people who weigh 250 pounds or less and need something that is less physically demanding to use. The oversized 8-inch wheels make it possible to roll across grass and pavement with little difficulty. Personal items can be stored under the walker’s lift-up seat.

  • Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator

For individuals who need something that accommodates up to 400 pounds, this rolling walker with seat will be an excellent choice. The extra wide design is still compact enough to fit through most doorways and other tight spaces without a problem. A 17.5 by 14-inch seat provides adequate stableness while sitting.

  • Lumex Extra Wide Set n’ Go

Another great option for anyone who needs something wider, this device also works well for people who need a reliable walker with seat. The adjustable heights of the walker and seat can be set to each person’s liking. The pouch with zipper located underneath the seat can be used to hold personal items more securely. Pulling up on the loop brakes will bring the rollator to a quick stop, and pushing down on these brakes will lock it in place.

  • Vive Rollator Walker with Seat

This option provides maximum safety while walking or sitting and is perfect for people who are shopping around for walkers for elderly with seat attachments. One of the biggest advantages of this option is that it can be transformed from a walker on wheels to a wheelchair with just a few simple adjustments. The seat is made from breathable mesh material. Corrosion-resistant aluminum has been used in the frame to make this adult walker with seat more durable.

  • Duro-Med Extra Wide Rollator Walker

Rated as one of the top walkers with seat and basket, this option is made from strong lightweight aluminum that allows easy maneuvering. The basket can be removed or reattached whenever needed. Many users have found this walker especially useful for shopping and traveling. The handle height can be adjusted from 33.5 to 37.5 inches.

  • GetGO Petite Rollator by Nova

Ideal for smaller body types, the GetGO Petite comes with four 6-inch wheels and has a total capacity of 300 pounds. The rollator itself weighs only 13 pounds and can be handled with ease. The seat with padding is still wide enough to make sitting comfortable without feeling confined. Color options include blue, red and pink.

How To Choose A Walker With A Seat

The right rollator with a seat will depend on each person’s health status and how much movement assistance is required. Some of the key factors to consider when shopping for a rollator include:

  • The Heaviness of the Walker

While some people will do just fine with a rollator that is heavier, individuals who are more frail and have a harder time handling bulkier objects will need something lighter. It is possible to find rollators that are as light as 13 pounds, but there are also some that are as heavy as 26 pounds.

  • Size and Poundage Capacity

Some of the most popular rollators have handlebar heights that are between 29 to 34 inches at their lowest heights but can be adjusted a few inches more to accommodate taller individuals. Most wheeled scooters can accommodate weights of up to 250 to 400 pounds.

  • Wheels

The standard rollator consists of a four wheel walker with seat, and it is important to choose an option with the most reliable wheels. A wheel size of 5 to 8 inches is usually sufficient for most people’s requirements. It is also wise to look for a walker with wheels that are specifically designed to not leave scuff marks on floors.

  • Seat Size and Comfort

The seat should be wide enough to sit comfortably without being so wide that it puts the person in danger of falling out of the seat. A 12 by 12-inch seat might work for a petite person, but larger individuals will likely do better with a seat that measures around 17.5 by 14 inches. The seat should also have enough padding to prevent soreness.

  • Rest for the Back

A rest that supports the back can help prevent the back muscles from cramping or getting tired and keep a person from falling backward while sitting. Many rollators have a bar with padding that supports the back, but it is also possible to find walkers that have wider supports with more padding.

  • Brakes

A reliable braking system for the rollator will be paramount for safety. Most braking systems can be controlled from the handlebars. The best seated walker with hand brakes will be able to stop quickly without being so jarring that it might cause injury. Many of the top rollators also have brakes that can lock and keep the walker in place when not in motion.

  • Storage Basket

Buying a scooter with a storage basket will be good for carrying small personal items while in motion. Rollators with baskets near the handlebars are suitable for people who have trouble bending to retrieve items and want easy access to their belongings. For more secure storage, a scooter that has a storage compartment that zips or a basket that is located beneath the seat might be a better option.

Wheeled scooters that come with attached seats are good for people who need help with getting around and also want to be able to sit to rest. The best 4 wheel walker with seat designs are able to function in many ways to make people’s lives easier.