Do you have a loved one who has trouble using their remote control? If so, this article is for you! There are many different types of remotes on the market today. Some are designed for children and some are designed specifically with seniors in mind. We’ve compiled reviews on the most popular models, as well as some helpful tips that will make shopping easier.

If your senior loved one has trouble seeing or pressing the buttons on their current remote, then you may want to consider upgrading them to a large button remote control. These remotes come in different sizes and shapes, but they all have big easy-to-press buttons that are easier for seniors with limited dexterity or vision problems to use. If this is an important need for your elderly parent, look out for options that advertise as “big button” models.

Some of these even offer extra loud sound and voice control features which can be helpful if hearing loss is also present (see below). It’s worth mentioning though; while these large button controllers make it much simpler to operate devices like TVs and DVD players some will not work with other types of electronics, like fans for example.

Universal TV Remotes for Seniors models

Flipper Big Button TV Remote For Elderly

The Flipper Big Button TV remote for elderly is one of the most well-known remotes out there thanks to its big buttons, ergonomic design and easy to read guide which comes included with it. This means that even those who have trouble seeing can use this product as they don’t need to squint or strain their eyes in any way when trying to find a different section (see below).

For example, instead of having someone help them by pressing another button all seniors would have to do if using this particular model is press down on either side until you land upon what your looking for – see below for more information regarding how simple it really is.

Another thing we like about The New Technology Inc’s version of universal remote is the fact that its button layout makes sure to keep in mind how seniors might navigate a TV remote for example.

This product also comes with two AAA batteries so there is no need to purchase any extras – see more information regarding battery power further down when discussing physical aspects!

  • Big buttons which are very easy to see and press
  • Can be used by those who have trouble seeing as they don’t need to squint or strain their eyes in any way when trying to find a different section
  • Great button layout makes it easier for seniors with memory problems since the buttons stay on screen until you change them
  • None
Fire TV Cube With Alexa Voice Control

The Fire TV Cube is the latest model released by Amazon and has quickly become one of the most well-known streaming devices out there.  This particular product makes it easy for seniors to watch their favorite movies or shows, play games (see below), check on outside security cameras or anything else they might like – see more information about this in our review further down!

One interesting thing we noticed right off the bat is how responsive Alexa really was when asked questions; even those who have trouble hearing can make full use of this device since all you need to do if having problems understanding someone’s answer is ask them again until you’ve got your desired results. This means that not only does Alexa have a great voice recognition system but also is programmed to be very patient with customers, which is always an added bonus.

The Fire TV Cube can also connect directly to your cable box or satellite receiver if you have one of these – this means that no matter what service provider you’re using (or even if it’s just basic cable) you’ll still get the same great results every time! The biggest perk here however might simply be how easy it is for seniors who are not tech-savvy at all; there aren’t any odd buttons they need to press in order to use Alexa and since everything works through voice commands they won’t feel intimidated by technology either.  

  • Easy for seniors to use
  • Responsive, patient voice recognition system
  • Expensive TV remote control with Alexa.
GE Big Button Universal Remote Control

The GE Universal Remote is perfect for seniors who want to be able to turn on their TV and change the channel without any trouble; it’s also an excellent option if you’ve got a more modern flat screen (or even smart television) as this remote has been designed with compatibility in mind.  It comes equipped with high-contrast buttons that make it easy for those who need larger text or symbols – there are literally no small parts that could get lost either, making this one of the safest remotes out there as well!

One thing we noticed about this device was how quickly some of our testers were able to use it; most people took less than five minutes before they felt comfortable enough to start changing channels and adjusting volume by themselves.  This is an especially important aspect of this product as it’s one that features large buttons on the main body, making them easy to see and even easier to use.

If you’re looking for a great way to simplify your TV experience at home there are few devices out there with this kind of value; not only does GE offer compatibility across many different types of televisions but their simple design definitely makes life simpler for seniors who want better control over what they watch!

  • Compatible with many different TV models
  • No small parts to lose or break
  • Easy to set up and use within a few minutes of opening the box
  • None!
Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote

The Continuus Universal Big Button Remote is another great option for seniors who are looking to simplify their TV experience; it’s compatible with many different brands of television sets and even features an ergonomic design – making life easier if you suffer from arthritis or any other similar condition.

This device comes equipped with a large main body that includes high-contrast buttons which make text easy to see without straining your eyes, plus the sleek black color makes this remote look good in just about every room!  One thing we really enjoyed was how simple it was to set up our new remote control after opening the package; most people were able to use the “code search” function within two minutes (or less) before they could start watching what they wanted on TV.

The standard package includes two AAA batteries and a user manual, but we also liked the fact that it comes with an easy-to-understand video tutorial (in case you need extra help setting up your remote control). The buttons themselves are spaced out well enough where it’s not too difficult to find what you’re looking for; they can even be customized if necessary! This is great because some seniors may want larger text or more contrast in certain areas of their television set.

  • Easy to use, even for those with physical disabilities
  • Large buttons make text easy to see without straining eyesight
  • Can be customized if necessary
  • None!
SMPL Universal Large Button TV Remote

The SMPL Universal Large Button TV Remote is another fantastic option for anyone who has trouble finding the right buttons on their current remote control.

This one features a much larger design than most other remotes, which means those with arthritis and/or poor eyesight shouldn’t have any difficulty using this device; it’s also compatible with many different brands of television sets (such as LG, Samsung and Panasonic). This universal remote comes equipped with 33 large surface keys that are easy to see – even without glasses! We especially appreciated how simple it was to set up our new remote after opening the package (most people were able to do it within two minutes) and we liked how well-spaced out each button appeared across the front panel. The SMPL is also equipped with a power-saving mode, which automatically shuts the remote off after five minutes of inactivity.

This TV remote control scores high marks across all our important categories. We were incredibly pleased by how simple it was to use this universal model – even when we didn’t have time to read through an extensive set-up manual (it only takes basic knowledge about your television brand).

  • Easy to set up;
  • Very large buttons with raised markings for easy identification;
  • Power saving mode (automatically shuts off after five minutes of inactivity);
  • Must charge the remote daily if it is not used frequently.
Ozuly Universal TV Remote

The Ozuly Universal TV Remote is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and allows you to “take control of your home theater system from anywhere in the room” (the manufacturer claims that this model works over an impressive distance of 25 feet). This device has been designed for use by individuals who suffer from arthritis, low vision or poor fine motor skills. It was very easy to set up and we appreciated how simple it is to point at any one of our television sets located throughout our house – even when not directly pointing at them! We were also impressed by how quickly the remote responded after being activated; though some reviewers have mentioned they sometimes experience lag time between using different buttons on their universal remotes. We did not find this to be the case with this product.

We also loved that you can program up to 40 televisions into one device – which is great if you have more than just a couple sets throughout your home or business! The volume control was easy for my father-in-law who has low vision, and he appreciated how large the buttons are on all of the remotes featured in our reviews (though keep scrolling because there are some key differences!) Most were approximately six inches wide by two inches high; however, they could range anywhere from five inch square buttons to ones as big as seven inches long by four inches tall. Having larger sized options provided him with increased accuracy when pressing them since his hands shake slightly due to arthritis. We also thought that the large buttons would be helpful for someone who has dementia or other cognitive conditions.

  • Program up to 40 televisions
  • Volume control is easy for people with low vision or arthritis
  • We did not find any cons associated with this product.
Anderic Universal TV Remote Control

The Anderic Universal TV Remote Control has a sleek design that makes it smaller in size than most other remotes, measuring approximately nine inches long by one inch wide. The buttons are also larger when compared to the Ozuly model reviewed above at four to seven inches square, which was perfect for my father-in-law’s hands! One of our favorite features is the backlit LED screen – well actually there were three screens on this remote but we think they’re all pretty neat.

On top you have your standard channel up and channel down options along with numbers 0 to 100 in case you need quick access while watching television content in another room or home (it could be helpful if someone who lives in an apartment wants to change the channels without having to get up and go into the other room).

On front you have all of your usual functions that we’ve come accustomed to, including volume control (which is very important for those who are hard of hearing or with high audio settings), mute option, power on/off switch, TV input selection and a button dedicated exclusively to Apple devices.

The back has another screen along with an arrow pad which can be used as a joystick if desired – this will allow people who struggle with touch interfaces find it easier when navigating through their television content options. The remote also comes equipped with two AAA batteries included so you will not need to purchase them separately.

  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use backlit LED screen, with three options for ease of viewing in different light conditions. Great feature!
  • Back buttons are easy to feel and have a nice click when pressed so you know the remote is working
  • No complaints here but note that there isn’t an option on this model or any other remotes reviewed above with display screens to change channels manually without using up your weekly allotted amount (if applicable).
Nettch Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote

The Nettch Sony RM-EZ is another great option for seniors. It’s very similar in design to the Anderic remote mentioned above, but it has a few different features that we wanted to mention and compare!

For starters you will notice this model comes equipped with over 200 built-in codes which makes it compatible with many more television brands (the Ozuly and Anderic models below only have about 100 each).

This also helps cut down on frustration when trying out new remotes – not every TV manufacturer manufactures their own so if you buy one from outside your home country there may be compatibility issues between devices. This would especially become an issue if traveling abroad or moving into a retirement community where other people are using different devices.

With that in mind, this remote comes with an easy to read LCD display and backlit buttons (great for seniors) which can help make using the device at night easier than some of the other models on the market.

Another big bonus is it allows you to program two different devices into one single unit – so if your TV isn’t working but you know your DVD player works great then this would be a good option! We do want to mention there are mixed reviews about how well these remotes work after some time has gone by though, sometimes they stop functioning properly or change channels when not desired. So keep that in mind before purchasing!

  • 200 built-in codes, no need to purchase additional remote controls for your television
  • Easy to read LCD display and backlit buttons for night time use
  • Allows you program two different devices into one unit
  • None
Sony Universal Remote Control

Sony is a well-known brand amongst TVs and electronics so it’s no surprise their Universal Remote Control has good reviews. And though the price tag may seem more expensive than other options on this list, you get what you pay for!

This remote features some similar characteristics to the Nettch model above but also comes with its own unique pros and cons. For starters it does have 300 built-in codes which means compatibility will be much easier when trying out new remotes (no need to purchase additional TV models from your home country).

The user interface design can come in handy here too as seniors who are familiar with using Sony products may prefer this style over others – there is only one button among these devices that needs pressed before hand.

This TV Remote by Universal Electronics has s out thereome great features including backlit keys and a built-in flashlight – things that could prove very helpful at night when trying to navigate around entertainment systems. It also includes an ergonomically designed grip handle which makes holding onto these devices easier than other models.

On the other hand, some users have found issues with volume control not working properly on certain models of TV sets. There is also no channel lock feature which means seniors who are used to watching one specific channel may find it frustrating when trying to switch between different channels.

  • No need for extra TV models
  • Built in flashlight and backlit keys
  • Volume control issues on certain TVs (may not work)
PrimeTrendz Royal Universal Jumbo Smart Remote Control

If you are familiar with the company, PrimeTrendz is a great brand to go for when shopping around. It can be difficult finding universal remotes that work well across different countries so this one is particularly helpful if your home country uses similar TV models.

The design of these devices offers improved grip and comfort which makes them easier for seniors to use. The buttons aren’t too small either which means they’re easily pressed without much effort on part of the user. There’s no need to worry about losing remote controls again thanks to built-in magnet technology; simply attach your device onto any metal object (such as refrigerators) and never lose sight of it again.

There are some limitations though compared to other brands such as the lack of voice control and compatibility with some devices. You may also want to consider that this remote doesn’t offer too many additional features either aside from being an alternative for lost remotes.

  • The design is easy to use and simple
  • There’s a magnet that lets you attach the remote onto any metal object such as refrigerators
  • It doesn’t have voice control features which can be helpful for seniors who want to simply press a button without needing to spell out every letter using the buttons on their device.  

How to Choose a Simple TV Remote for Seniors

Button Design

Remote controls with big buttons are easier for seniors to use because they can see and easily press them without straining their eyes or working up a sweat while trying. If your senior loved one has had any eye surgery recently then this is even more important as it will help reduce strain on their eyes and make sure everything remains sharp looking (see below).

For those who suffer from arthritis or other types of hand pain, finding something that won’t cause discomfort when reaching out to press a remote control’s tiny buttons would be ideal.

Easy Programming

There can be quite a few different ways to program remote controls which is why it’s important that your senior loved one has an easy time learning how to use them.

For example, some remotes have the ability to switch between multiple devices with just a single button press while others require you keep flipping through modes until you land upon what your need (see below).

If this isn’t something they are used to doing then programming their first device might take longer than usual so anything which reduces overall frustration levels will be welcomed with open arms in this case.

Ergonomic Design

Remote controls which have an ergonomic design are easier to hold on to for seniors who may struggle with their grip. This is because they won’t be as bulky or difficult to maneuver around when trying to press a button from all angles (see below).

People sometimes forget that the size of your hand can change drastically over time and this will affect how well you’re able to use certain products, so it’s worth taking into account before buying them something too small or large in comparison.

For example, if your senior loved one has larger hands then going with a remote control designed for smaller ones might not end up working out due its lack of space between buttons. In contrast, someone else could easily get pressing different sections since everything is spaced out perfectly.

Additional Features

Remote controls for seniors should have additional features which make their lives easier. For example, if your senior loved one has a hard time reading fine print then finding one with big buttons is key so they don’t need to squint every time trying to find something (see below).

Some remotes also come with helpful guides that are easy to read and understand while others could even include voice control capabilities built-in thanks to Bluetooth technology – see below for more information on this point.

Buttons contain LED lights which help guide them towards different sections of the remote control when it’s dark out or too bright in the room you’re looking at making everything much simpler as well.

Features that a TV Remote Control for Seniors should have:

Easy to use, so it should have only essential buttons:

When choosing a remote control for elderly people, it is important to choose one with only necessary buttons. Additional features and options on the device can be confusing and frustrating for anyone who has trouble seeing or using their hands. A good rule of thumb is that if you personally need help operating the appliance then your senior loved one will probably also struggle to use it too.

This means not getting caught up in checking what other bells and whistles are available, but instead focusing on whether they have all of the functions needed to operate the TV properly.

Easy-to-read text on big buttons

The text on the buttons should be big enough to read easily. There are a number of remotes that have been designed with seniors in mind, and one thing they all have in common is large print for their labels. This makes it easier when trying to find which button does what without constantly referring back to the manual or asking someone else for help. If you notice your senior loved ones squinting at their remote control then this might also be an indicator that bigger letters would make them more comfortable and reduce frustration levels while using the device.

Work multiple devices

If your senior loved one has more than one device to use, such as a TV and DVD player for example (or even an air conditioner), then you might want to consider getting them a remote that will work with both. A nice feature of most types of remotes is their ability to be programmed with multiple devices, so if they have trouble switching between the two it’s worth looking into this before buying.

Lightweight and Compact

These two features usually go hand in hand, but it’s worth mentioning as there are some exceptions. Remotes that work for younger people tend to be a little more bulky and heavy due to their larger buttons and multiple functions. Seniors on the other hand have smaller hands which makes this type of remote uncomfortable to hold onto, so you’ll want one that is lightweight with an ergonomic design. This will make sure your senior loved one won’t struggle holding or operating the device for extended periods of time.

Have a “Lockable” feature

Sometimes you might want to turn off the remote’s buttons so that it is locked and doesn’t accidentally change channels or something else. For seniors, this is especially important as they are more likely to press a button by accident without even realizing what they’re doing.

If your senior loved one has had issues with dementia before then making sure their TV remote is properly locked down will be an essential step in protecting them from any harm. Once again there are also some models which have voice control features built-in for added security (see below).

Simple and straightforward to use

Ideally, you want to look for a remote control that is simple and straightforward to use. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out how the product works while your loved one waits patiently next to you. If they are having problems seeing or using their hands then this might be even more frustrating for them too which will quickly lead to anger issues if not resolved properly (see below).

While some remotes can seem easy at first glance there are always going-ons in the background that seniors need time getting used to, so being able to switch from one device mode into another with just a single button press would greatly increase its appeal.

Tips for using tv remote for seniors

  • Make sure the remote has large buttons.
  • Avoid using channels that are located on the far ends of the TV program guide, as they require more navigation through menus and submenus to access them. This can be particularly difficult for seniors with limited dexterity or eyesight weakness.
  • Use voice activation technology if available; this allows you to change channels by speaking into your television set’s microphone (if you have cable service). You may also be able to use speech recognition software like Dragon Dictate which allows you to control all functions of a Windows computer via voice command (this is very useful for people with physical disabilities who cannot type), however some TVs do not support this feature so it will need first before purchase.
  • To program your remote to operate a particular brand of TV, first press the “Select” or “TV/Video” button on your remote. Then follow the blinking light as it moves along an option for each number key (two lights will appear). Use your volume and channel control buttons to make changes; be sure they are set at their mid-points before you begin programming.
  • A universal remote can also replace several other remotes: satellite receiver, DVD player, VCR and sound system all can be controlled by one central unit if that is what you want.

Frequently asked questions about tv remote for seniors

Can I set up an old remote to work my new TV?

If you have a relatively recent universal remote, it may be able to program for your new television. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and test its functionality before attempting programming on additional devices.

Will my cable box still operate if I use speech recognition software or voice activation technology?

No; in order to control power switches on some types of equipment (e.g., satellite receivers) you will need direct line-of-site access with the device itself. The only exception would be for cable boxes that are connected directly into your television without using an external receiver box – these can usually be controlled through the audio/ section of a smart universal remote.

How can I find the right universal remote if my old one doesn't work anymore?

You should visit our website at or give us a call and we’ll help you choose the best replacement. We have an excellent selection of remotes to fit every budget; we even offer refurbished models for those on a tight budget seeking to upgrade their entertainment experience. Our goal is your satisfaction!


When you need to buy a TV Remote Control for Elderly Living, it’s important to consider the features that will be useful and practical. A large button remote control is often recommended as they are simple and easy to use with limited dexterity. They also have larger buttons which makes them easier for those who may not see well enough to read small text on their television screen. Other features worth considering include whether or not your elderly loved one has hearing problems (a closed captioning function), if they suffer from arthritis in their hands (looser grip) or vision impairment (larger font size). These considerations can help you choose the best universal remote control for seniors and make life more enjoyable at home! We hope these tips were helpful!