Transportation wheelchairs are designed for increased mobility so that traveling is made easier. Unlike most standard and electric wheelchairs, a caregiver pushes this chair for movement. This style of wheelchair is lighter and usually has smaller wheels than standard models. The lightweight design of transport wheelchairs also makes lifting them in and out of vehicles less strenuous. In fact, some of these chairs are as light as 15 pounds, which makes them ideal for both caretakers and people with physical difficulties.

Transport wheelchairs with narrow, medium and wide seats are available to accommodate different body types. Lightweight metals and other materials are used in their construction. Some of these chairs also come with combo features that allow them to be turned into rollators, which is practical for people who are able to do some walking but don’t want to have to deal with a heavier standard walker. All transport chairs are foldable and easily fit into most vehicles.

Transport Wheelchairs Models

Drive Medical Lightweight

This model is one of the best options for budget-minded people. Weighing 33.3 pounds, most caregivers are able to push, load and unload these transport wheelchairs without any problems. The chair’s nylon upholstery can be wiped down for easy cleaning. The attached wheels require no additional maintenance and are built to travel over different surfaces.

Karman Healthcare 23-Pound

For an even lighter option, this 23-pound wheelchair is ideal for individuals who weigh 250 pounds or less. The chair comes with detachable footrest components and large pneumatic tires for easier transport over uneven surfaces. A three-stage handle brake system allows for better control. A seatbelt is attached for additional safety. With its bacteria-resistant upholstery, this chair is an excellent choice for people with weakened immune systems.

Juvo Mobi Convertible Rollator

This model can be used as both a companion wheelchair and a rolling walker and only requires a few simple adjustments to transform from one to the other with no other tools needed. The chair’s wide seat and fame with a double X design and 250-pound capacity provide additional comfort and security. The handlebars can be adjusted up to five inches.

ProBasics Transport Wheelchair

With its 19-inch seat and 12-inch rear wheels, this wheelchair can hold up to 300 pounds. The user-activated brakes can be pushed down to lock, and an additional companion-activated handbrake is included for extra security. Swing-away footrests are built with heel loops and composite footplates to keep feet from dragging on the ground while the chair is being pushed.

Medline Transport

Often used for patients in hospitals and other health care settings, the Medline Transport has received many positive transporter wheelchair reviews. The chair’s frame is coated in powder to prevent rusting. The chair has also been engineered for hassle-free hallway movement and to turn around tight corners smoothly. Responsive brakes can bring the chair to a stop quickly without being too jerky.

Elite Care Super Lightweight

At just 22.5 pounds, this model is often regarded as being one of the leading lightweight transport wheelchairs on the market. When folded, the chair’s compact size allows it to be placed into a bag that’s equivalent to the size of a standard carryon suitcase. The chair is cross-braced for extra durability and has a frame that is metallic blue in color.

Hi-Fortune 21-Pound Lightweight Transport Medial Wheelchair

Magnesium alloy has been used to craft the chair’s frame to make it as durable and lightweight as possible. Its easy-to-fold design takes much of the strain out of packing the chair in vehicles or overhead compartments. The footrests and back safety rollers are all that need to be attached with no assembly tools required. The chair’s flashy red color creates more visual appeal. For a quick cleaning of the seat, simply wipe down the nylon upholstery.

NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair

Any caregiver who wants to help a patient get around easier will appreciate this chair’s versatile design. Anti-tippers are included to keep the chair from tipping over while in motion. Many transport chair reviews have also given this model positive ratings for its patented locking handbrakes and rugged 12-inch wheels that can travel smoothly over uneven terrain.

NOVA Heavy Duty

For people weighing up to 400 pounds, this chair is considered to be one of the strongest options on the market. The seat measures 22.5 inches between the armrests and comes with a seatbelt that can adjust up to 47 inches. A small pouch provides storage for wallets, cellphones and other small objects. The secondary wheel locks and removable anti-tippers are included for added safety.

How To Choose A Transport Wheelchair

Choosing the right chair will depend on each person’s needs, size requirements and budget. Here are some of the main things to look for when shopping for a transport wheelchair:

Size and Weight

The narrowest wheelchairs measure around 17 inches in width with the widest models measuring approximately 22 inches. Lighter chairs are generally easier to manage, but heavier chairs may provide greater durability.

Weight Capacity

Along with the weight of the chair itself, it is important to select an option that can accommodate the weight of the person who will be sitting in it. Most of the popular transport wheelchairs have weight capacities ranging from 250 to 400 pounds.

Safety Features

A reliable brake system will be needed for maximum safety. Many models feature foot locking brakes, but it is also possible to find options that come with handbrakes that are similar to those found on bicycles. Most of these chairs also have seatbelts attached, but it is important to select a model that has a seatbelt that is long enough to secure the rider.


A chair that has more adjustable features will likely be a better option. Adjustable handlebar heights will make pushing the wheelchair easier for caregivers. Wheelchairs that can be transformed into rollators will be good for people who are able to do some walking.

Compact Capabilities

Having a chair that can be folded down to the smallest size possible will be especially advantageous for those who travel frequently. Many of the best lightweight transport wheelchair models are able to fold down to as small as 2.5 feet by 9 inches wide to fit into small vehicles and tight overhead compartments on airplanes. A chair and backrest that can fold flat will also be a good option. Certain chairs have removable armrests to make them even more compactible.

Assembly Requirements

Most of these types of chairs don’t require a lot of assembly or extra tools, but a model that comes with a lot of extra add-ons will likely have more assembly requirements.

AStorage Compartments

Having a wheelchair with extra storage compartments to hold items will be beneficial for both the caretaker and the rider. Some models also come with cupholders so that beverages can be brought along for the ride.

Reading all of the transport wheelchair reviews will make it simpler to find the right model. These types of chairs are ideal for people who are limited by the effects of aging or a disability but still want to remain active in their lives.