Rollator transport chairs combo are unique devices within the medicinal community. When your senior or disabled loved one needs to retain their independence, a rollator transport chair can come to the rescue. Why should you consider purchasing one of these hybrid chairs for your loved ones?

If you have a loved one with a movement impairment, you know how frustrating it can be to juggle all of the products that you’ll need in order to accommodate them. From lugging around a wheelchair to adding a walker to your trunk, it can become quite the burden. Rollator transport chairs combine the two products into one accessible piece of equipment. You can give your loved ones the movement assistance that they require without wasting energy or storage space on unnecessary items.

Rollator transport chairs have all of the features of the best walkers available as well as the depth of features that are expected to be found in premium wheelchairs. From adjustable seating designs to easy-folding storage options, you’ll have the option to tailor your transport rollator to the specific needs of your loved one. If you want to have more storage options or luxury seating options, you can make sure that you have that also.

Rollator transport chairs weren’t designed for the sole purpose of being used indoors at home or in a caregiving facility. Instead, rollator transport chairs were created with accessing all that life has to offer. You’ll be capable of finding hybrid chairs that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It’s easy to see why movement challenged individuals have taken a shine to this style of chair.

Finally, rollator transport chairs offer you everything that your loved one needs within a package that is lightweight, accessible, and simple to use. From the space-saving foldaway designs to the premium lightweight materials, you’ll never be stressed trying to bring your rollator hybrid chair where it needs to go.

Today, we will be showing you the top rollator transport chairs available and how you should go about buying one.

Rollator Transport Chair Combo Models

When it comes to the health of your loved ones, you can never go wrong making sure that you are getting the best product available for them. Listed below, you’ll find three of the top rollator combination transport chairs available. We went over the fine details in order to make sure that each and every one of these rollator walker wheelchair combination products are ideal for daily usage.

DriveMedical Duet Dual Function Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator

DriveMedical is known for creating premium products in an affordable package and their Duet Dual Walker Rollator combo is no exception. This rollator transport chair features a simple design that is packed to the brim with quality features including locking armrests, flip-down footrests, special padded seating, and an additional carrying pouch.

While the features of the Duet Dual combo chair are definitely impressive, they aren’t what sets this combo chair apart from the rest of the models. Instead, it is DriveMedical’s commitment to quality construction that is the icing on the cake. This combo chair is made out of a premium aluminum frame that is lightweight and fully customizable based on the user’s preferences. The fact that you can quickly set up or fold down this combo chair without the need of a toolbox is also ideal for most average users.

When you need a wheeled transport option that focuses on the healthcare of your loved ones, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more effective option than this.

Lumex Lightweight Hybrid Rolling Walker Rollator Transport Chair

This hybrid rollator transport chair is ideal for users who want to have simple access to their device while maintaining simple movement capabilities. Designed by Lumex, this lightweight hybrid rollator features the capabilities of a walker and the functionality of a minimalist transport chair.

The Lumex Lightweight Hybrid Rollator Chair showcases a relatively compact structure that is built on an aluminum frame. This frame is resistant to scratching and can withstand corrosion due to the elements. With an electric blue powder coating, you’ll find that your chair is as durable as it is visually pleasing.

As far as features go, this is a restrained transport chair that is ideal for users who care more about getting around with ease than they do about potential bonus features. There are easy-to-access handbrakes and comfortable legrests, but that’s about it.

ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker W/Seating

ProBasics lives up to their name with a combo rollator-walker chair that provides a deep level of customization and feature options. This rollator is ideal for seniors and disabled individuals who need the ability to retain their independence while still getting around and accomplishing what they need to do.

The ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker features larger-than-average 8-inch wheels with specialty locks so as to prevent you from rolling when you shouldn’t be. With these durable wheels, this model is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Additionally, thanks to the foldaway mechanism, you can travel with this chair in relative comfort. The lightweight frame, made out of aluminum, was developed with durability and travel in mind.

From a customization standpoint, everything about this rollator hybrid can be altered depending on the user. From the padded seating and backrest to the handbrakes and legrests, everything can be altered to fit the needs of your loved one. The entire chair looks like it was made with luxury in mind thanks to the fine attention to detail that ProBasics put into their development phase. The vinyl upholstery, in particular, gives this chair a unique, above average look.

How To Choose A Rollator Transport Chair Combo

A rollator transport chair is a two-in-one device that provides the benefits that a wheelchair and rolling walker can both provide. Rollator transport chairs are specialty devices that showcase a number of different key features in order to make your ability to move comfortably easier than ever. In order to find the right device for your needs, you must assess a few different concepts.

  • 3 Wheels vs 4 Wheels

The first major hurdle you must clear when shopping for a rollator transport chair combo is in regards to the number of wheels that the model uses. There are three-wheel and four-wheeled rollator transport chairs available. Three-wheeled models tend to be light and simple to use. Four-wheeled rollator transport chairs are sturdier, heavier and more reliable in rough terrain.

  • Highlight Important Features

While every walker wheelchair combo will look similar to the next, they do not all possess the same features. When deciding which walker transport chair you want, take a moment to see if any of these potential features pop out at you:

  • A) Additional Storage
  • B) Padded Seating
  • C) Adjustable Armrests & Legrests
  • D) Adjustable Backrests
  • E) All Terrain Wheels For Outdoors
  • F) Premium Brakes
  • G) Folding Body For Convenient Storage

Measure For Personal Fit

After you’ve taken stock of the different features available in your rollator wheelchair hybrid combinations, you can take some time to measure to your exact needs. If you or your loved one will be using the walker transporter with any regularity, it is of the utmost importance that you place a premium on comfort. In order to maximize your comfort, you need to make sure that you or your loved one fit in the seating area. Measure the following areas before making your purchase:

  • A) Seat Width – How wide do you need the seating area to be?
  • B) Weight Capacity – How much weight can the chair handle?
  • C) Arm & Legs – In order to properly operate the walker wheelchair combination, you’ll need to make sure that your loved one’s arms and legs can rest comfortably while still being able to access all of their important features.

Inspect Material Quality

Finally, take some time in order to inspect the material makeup of the rollator transport chairs that you are interested in. Traditionally, heavy-duty rollator chairs are built with a steel or aluminum frame. From that frame, many manufacturers will use high-quality fabrics and padding in order to maximize comfort. Pay attention as well to the quality of wheels and the casters that protect them.