Triangle walkers

Whether you are dealing with a physical injury or movement restrictions due to age, you might be in need of assistance moving around in your day-to-day life. Thanks to three-wheeled walkers, otherwise known as ‘rollators’ or ‘triangle walkers’, you can reclaim your mobile independence. These specialty walkers are designed so as to maximize your ability to move while minimizing your risk of potential injury. Whether you personally require a three-wheel walker or you are purchasing one for a loved one, our guide can help you out. Today, we will guide you through the steps of purchasing the perfect three-wheel walker for your needs.

Three wheel walkers are ideal tools for people who are rehabilitating from injury or dealing with restricted movement due to age. Three wheel walkers prioritize independence while preventing potential health risks associated with those who struggle with getting around. There are a litany of benefits associated with using a three-wheel walker, so we’ll highlight a few of them below.

One of the most dangerous risks to senior citizens is falling. Every year, dangerous falls will send thousands of seniors to the emergency room in order to deal with broken bones and all of the complications that can come with them. A triangle walker can help seniors to adjust to their new limited movements by giving them the stability that they require to operate in a careful, safe and secured fashion.

If you’ve ever used a traditional walker, you were immediately aware of their pitfalls. Generalized walkers typically consist of a frame held up by two legs. These legs are typically finished with a blunt end that allows the user to pick up and place the walker. While these walkers are effective in certain situations, such as maneuvering through tight areas, the lack of wheels make them a headache when you have to transport yourself or a loved one over long distances. Three-wheel walkers are ideal upgrades because they retain the benefits of the traditional walker while adding in additional features.

Thankfully there are a wide variety of different three wheeled walker options. From the three wheel walker with seat varieties to the simple, personal triangle walkers that are used primarily for transportation. With a feature-rich rollator assisting you or your loved one, you’ll be able to retain your independence while maneuvering with minimal assistance. Not only are you receiving tangible physical benefits, but a triangle walker can assist you mentally as well. Feeling in control of your movement is so important to daily morale and motivation.

Finally, three-wheel walkers are ideal for traveling as they are light in weight, simple to compress, and durable enough to withstand heavy use. Compared to a traditional wheelchair, rollators weigh next to nothing while still offering many of the same tangible benefits. With most three-wheeled walkers, you don’t even have to measure your car’s trunk to see if they will fit.

3 Wheeled Walkers

Healthline Lite Folding 3-Wheel Aluminum Rollator

In order to get the best rollator available, you have to pay attention to the little details. The Healthline Lite 3-wheel rollator is the ideal walker for users who feel the drive to get around on their own in comfort and security. This walker meets or exceeds all government standards for safety and security, claiming FDA & CE approval. The actual walker itself has been endorsed by medical professionals around the world and it features a no-tool approach to putting the product together.

As far as three-wheel walkers go, this is one of the more luxurious models on the marketplace. With ergonomic hand-grips and a quick-release mechanism, you’ll be able to walk in comfort while secured in your knowledge that the walker will brace you. There is a detachable basket that can fold away when not in use. In fact, the entire product can be folded away for storage and transportation purposes.

Best Features:
  • Handles Can Be Adjusted Based On User Height
  • Extremely Light Frame
  • Light & Durable Aluminum Frame Design
  • Removable Carrying Tray
Duro-Med 3-Wheel Rollator

When you are looking for a walker that is rich in features and built with solid craftsmanship, Duro-Med is there for you. This is a light, easy-to-fold three-wheeled walker that is great for the frequent traveling enthusiast. With larger than average wheels and reinforced casters, the Dur-Med 3-Wheel Rollator can provide plenty of durability for regular wear-and-tear.

The Duro-Med walker weighs in at just under 10lbs and the priority here was clearly on providing users with a light model that is a breeze to move around. The sleek blue frame is made out of aluminum and the handles can be adjusted based on your height. There is plenty of storage area in the front of the walker, as well.

Best Features:
  • Large Wheels Promote All-Terrain Usage
  • Incredibly Light Aluminum Frame
  • Convenient Compact Folding Design
  • Sleek Blue Frame
Carex Walker 3 Wheel Trio Roller

Created specifically for seniors who want to retain their ability to move around at will, the Carex Walker 3 Wheel Trio Roller blends features with functionality into a single inspired product. This walker showcases 7″ wheels with specialized locking brakes, allowing users to stop when they want to, no matter the terrain. The frame of this walker is made out of durable aluminum that is resistant to adverse weather conditions.

One of the best aspects of this walker is that it features a quick-collapse folding system. You’ll be able to not only navigate small spaces with this product but you’ll also be able to pack it away into a small and compact frame. This walker additionally features larger wheels that are a joy to use in even the toughest of terrain.

Best Features:
  • Quick & Simple Assembly
  • Light Frame Can Be Adjusted
  • Compact Design For Storage
  • Low Price Point Relative To Quality
Lumiscope Lumex Rollator

Lumiscope may be a smaller name in the world of medical assistance products, but their Lumex Rollator has shown itself to be one of the top walkers on the market. This high-capacity three-wheeled walker features an electric blue coated aluminum frame that was created with durability and longevity in mind.

The Lumex features 8″ wheels that allow for traversing through rough terrain and adverse weather elements. With ergonomic grips and locking loop brakes, you’ll be able to comfortably stop and move around as needed. This walker meets or exceeds all HCPCS certification requirements.

Best Features:
  • Ultra-Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Can Accommodate A Range Of Heights/Weights
  • Large Wheels For All-Terrain Use
  • Specialized Ergonomic Design
Graham Field Cruiser


The Graham Field Cruiser is as simple of a three-wheel walker as you are likely to find. Even though this is a no-frills walker, there are plenty of features and positives to praise. The 3-Wheel Field Cruiser is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors thanks to its heavy duty wheels and durable casters.

The frame of this particular walker is made of aluminum and weighs in at just a tick over 10lbs total. With a low price tag and an optional tray/bag combination, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the features that are traditional to the market. The walker is about 27″ wide which makes it ideal for use in home and clinical settings.

Best Features:
  • Large & Durable Storage Bag
  • Compact Frame For Storage
  • Light In Weight, Simple To Use
  • Simple Design

How To Choose Your 3 Wheel Walker

Three wheel walkers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you are shopping for a walker that can help you move around the house or you require a rollator that can travel with you on long trips, you might want to pay special mind to the different options available to you. Selecting the right triangle walker requires more than just a cursory understanding of the device. Listed below are the core concepts that you will focus on as you shop for your three wheel rollator.

  • 3 Wheels vs. 4 Wheels

Our focus today is on three wheel walkers seniors and those with disabilities can use. With that being said, rollators also come in 4-wheel versions. There are major differences between the two styles of rollators. Typically, 4-wheeled walkers will have a wider seated area and a heavier carrying capacity. Additionally, 4-wheel walkers will be more secure in unstable conditions. In comparison, 3-wheeled walkers are more mobile and easier to use for the active traveler.

  • Size Constraints

Next, you must decide where you are going to be using this walker the most. If you are going to use your triangular walkers around the house, you have to make sure that your doorways and halls are wide enough to provide comfortable movement. If you are going to be traveling with your walker, you’ll want to prioritize shopping for a lightweight three-wheel walker that is simple to fold down and store when you are in the car.

  • Weight Capacity

Each three-wheel walker is going to be built out of different materials. These different materials will decide how much weight your walker can handle. Pay special attention to weight capacity as that will be one of the more important safety checks that you are required to pay attention to. Getting a walker that does not support the weight of your loved one can lead to potential falls and all of the dangers that come with them.

  • Quality of Construction

Traditionally, three-wheel walkers are going to be built out of either steel or aluminum for their frames. These two metals are durable and light enough to be easy to maneuver with. However, you will want to pay attention to more than just the frame’s build. Consider these other aspects as well:

Handles & Grip Material
Wheel Casters
Quality of Brakes
Carrying Basket

The more effort that a designer puts into the quality of materials in this subsection, the better. Pay special attention to materials that are weather-proof and resistant to corrosion.

Extra Features

Finally, three-wheel walkers can be as unique as you want them to be. Whether you want a 3 wheel walker with seat options or a walker with a carrying case, you’ll be able to find one for you. While not as diverse as the wheelchair market, you’ll be able to find three wheel walkers that balance simplicity with a wide array of extra features. Potential extra features can include:

Built-In Carrying Basket
Optional Seating
Adjustable Handlebar Height
Convenient Fold-Away Design