Best walkers for tall people

If you or someone you love is dealing with a mobility problem, a solution might be available to them in the form of a walking-assistant device. Walkers are ideal medical devices that provide senior and physically impaired individuals with the ability to move around at will. With that being said, a certain wrinkle can manifest when a person is taller than average. How can you provide the right walker device for your tall loved ones?

5 Tall Walkers For Seniors

It is easy to find a rollator for tall person usage, but that doesn’t mean that the model will be of great quality. We’ve carefully analyzed five of the top rollator options on the market in order to help you find the right product for your personal needs.

DriveMedical 10200-1 Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker

If you need a simple extra-tall walker to help you stand and get around with ease, DriveMedical has the product for you. DriveMedical is a legacy company in the healthcare field due to the fact that they provide a range of quality solutions. The DriveMedical 10200-1 is an ideal walker for tall person use. This walker is made out of solid aluminum material that gives you quality, smooth movements while retaining a lightweight build.

What makes this an ideal walker for tall people is the fact that the handles can be adjusted to your specific size, thus allowing you to retain a healthy posture without sacrificing your grip on the holding mechanism. There is a push-button adjusting mechanism that allows you to change the walker’s settings based on your specific needs.

Clever Lite Rollator Walker

If your health is a priority and you want to navigate the town, a mobile rollator like the Clever Lite Rollator Walker is ideal for you. This extra wall walker is rich with features while retaining a solid build that is as secure as it is durable. This rollator is made from 1″ anodized aluminum with a stylish flaming blue coating. It’s simple to see that this rollator was made with care and with a focus on tall users who want to remain active both indoors and out.

What makes the Clever Lite Rollator Walker ideal is that it has plenty of features that can all be customized based on your own specific needs. The front of the rollator possesses a locking loop feature in order to keep your aluminum cast wheels in place when you want them to stay locked. Additionally, there is a side-paddle release that allows users to quickly disengage from the rollator when they need. Optional feature additions include a cup holder and bag/tray add-on.

Medline HeavyDuty Bariatric Aluminum Rollator Walker

For larger individuals who want a walker that they can be confident in, Medline’s HeavyDuty Aluminum Rollator Walker is the ideal option. This product was designed in order to give confidence to larger users who want an extra tall walker that can still tolerate a heavier burden. This walker is ideal for daily use both indoors and outdoors.

This walker is made from a solid aluminum frame that is resistant to corrosion, chipping and scratching. Additionally, the Medline HeavyDuty Rollator allows users to position themselves based on their specific needs thanks to a customizable body. This rollator features an extra-wide seat, handheld brakes, a removable basket, and a reinforced design. If you want a tall walker with arm support that can withstand a heavier load, this is the perfect option for your needs.

Volaris All-Terrain Patrol Fitness Rollator

For users who want to retain their activity while maintaining safety, the Volaris All-Terrain Patrol Rollator is the ideal option. This walker was created with the ability to keep moving in rough terrain. Built out of aluminum and molded with a comfort frame, the Patrol Fitness Rollator is built to traverse all elements and terrain conditions.

This rollator features a 4-wheel frame with tires that were built with cushioning in mind. The massive tires on this rollator are shock absorbent which makes them ideal for areas that are bumpy or otherwise hard to navigate. Tall walkers can fully extend themselves without worrying that their feet will be caught underneath the tires. Finally, the Patrol Fitness Rollator has a variety of different customization options including backrests, baskets and optional seat cushions.

OasisSpace Compact Folding Walker

Sometimes the best walkers come in simple packages. OasisSpace put together a compact, folding walker that showcases a couple of great, simple features. This walker was built for tall users who want to walk with ease but cannot endure the irritation that results from shorter walking assistance devices. The OasisSpace compact walker has a trigger release which allows you to adjust your positioning on the device in an instant. Built out of aluminum, this walker is durable enough to withstand the elements while maintaining its structural integrity.

This product is FDA approved and features two frontal wheels that measure out to 5″. On the rear contact points, you will find unique walker gliders in order to accomodate movements on just about any surface. When you are done using the OasisSpace walker you can simply fold it down into a compact, easy-to-transport package.

Types of Walkers For Tall People

Assisted walker devices are ideal for people with physical impairments due to injury, impairment or age. Walkers are traditionally sized to fit the average height person yet this is problematic when we have people that are taller than average. Using a walker that has not been sized for your specific needs can lead to pressure, pain and discomfort along your back, legs, and arms. For taller users, these are the types of walkers you will want to be pursuing.

  • Traditional Walkers

The average walker consists of a heavy duty frame and a handle in order to support you as you take every single step. These walkers do not have wheels and are commonly devoid of any special features. The primary focus here is on giving you simple, affordable, stability. Traditional walkers can be adjustable in order to accommodate users of any size.

  • Rolling Walkers

Rolling walkers are similar to your traditional walker yet they have one key difference: the addition of wheels. Wheels typically range from 3 to 5 inches tall and they are typically embedded in sturdy casters in order to protect them. These wheels won’t swivel and they need to be pushed in a straight line in order to operate as a safety mechanism. Rolling walkers are great for indoor use and level outdoor use yet they will struggle when the terrain gets bumpy.

  • Tall Rollator

Rollators are the top of the line when it comes to medicinal movement assisting devices. Rollators are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They tend to have at three to four wheels to go along with handlebars and a potential seat. Rollators are ideal for active users who want to get outside. Rollators range in type and style depending on your needs. You can find heavy duty rollators for outdoor use or even an extra tall rollator if your size demands it.

How To Choose Walkers For Tall Adults

When choosing a walker for a tall user, there are many different elements that you have to consider. Fortunately, it is simple to condense the conversation down into five key questions.

  • Decide What Features You Require

Are you going to need wheels for assistance walking around? Do you want a wide seat, strong legs, and heavier weight limit? Do you want to add a carrying basket or other add-ons? Consider your walker like a small car and really ask yourself what you need out of the device before making your purchase.

  • Figure Out Your Physical Measurements

As you no doubt know, tall individuals need to be aware of the measurements of their walker devices. While many walkers are marketed as ‘for tall users’, that isn’t specific enough of a term to give us any real comfort. Measure out your arm and leg length before locking yourself into a walker purchase.

  • Focus On High-Quality Materials

Avoid plastic models and focus instead on aluminum and steel walkers. These walkers are going to last you considerably longer without showing any of the wear-and-tear

  • Consider Your Environment

Where do you plan on using your walker device the most? Do you anticipate using it heavily outdoors? Do you want to be able to go on surfaces that are bumpy or otherwise problematic? If your walker is for indoor use only, you have a wide variety of different options available to you. If your walker is for outdoor use, you need to be more discerning.

  • Decide Your Preferred Walker Style

Finally, you must take all of the questions we highlighted above and answer them in order to select the style of walker that suits you best. Whether you choose a rollator, a traditional walker or a rolling walker will be decided by your specific circumstances.