Lift chairs provide an easier way for people with mobility challenges to return to a standing position from sitting. These comfortable sofa-style chairs are specially designed with lifting mechanisms that are powered by remote control and help people stand with less difficulty. Seniors and people with injuries or chronic medical conditions that limit mobility have found these chairs to be helpful in restoring quality of life.

The chairs work by rocking forward so that a person’s feet are planted on the ground firmly. Having the body weight directly over the feet makes it easier to stand without having to exert as much physical effort. The chair is made safer with its smooth and gradual movements. Most chairs are able to recline as well and are made from plush materials that are easy to clean and provide maximum comfort. Some models can even recline back to positions where the head and heart are lower than the feet, which is ideal for people with poor circulation who want to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Lift Chairs Models

Serta Perfect

This lift chair is great for anyone who needs a higher weight capacity. The chair has a 375-pound lift capacity and is made with premium gel infused foam to mold to all body types. Each coil spring in the chair is wrapped separately to provide more long-lasting support. The ergonomic LED hand control and USB charging port can keep the chair powered at all times.

Catnapper Power Lift Chair

The woven velvet fabric and infinite reclining options of this chair make it the perfect choice for people who want to relax to the fullest. As its name implies, the Catnapper Power Lift Chair is particularly ideal for taking naps and can accommodate up to 350 pounds. The side pocket storage offers even more convenience.

The Coaster Home Furnishing Power Lift Recliner – This power recliner can recline 39 to 63 inches or equivalent to 110 to 130 degrees in length. The cozy brown sugary upholstery and transitional silhouette allow this chair to blend in well with all interior settings and other home furnishings. A small side pouch is included to hold the handheld remote controller.

Merax Power Lift and Recliner

Coated in PU leather, this model has a dual function to provide both adequate lift support and full reclining. The material on these leather power lift recliners is environmentally friendly and resistant to stains. Extra wide arm rests and an extended leg rest make sitting even more enjoyable.

Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Recliner

Known for being one of the best power lift recliner options on the market, this model has a 329-maximum lift capacity that can be adjusted easily. An integrated emergency power backup ensures that the chair never loses power. The chair itself weighs only 90 pounds, which makes it great for anyone who wants a lighter weight option.

ProLounger Lya by Portfolio

The ProLounger Lya is perfect for anyone who is looking for the best lift chair for the money. This wall hugger model can be placed as close as four inches to the wall to lift properly and has received many positive reviews for its easy-to-use features. The chair’s cream-colored upholstery and modern design enhance its visual appeal.

Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair

Another great wall hugger option, this model comes with a two-button controller that allows for hassle-free adjustments. Additional support is provided by the chair’s ergonomic design. The breathable brown or cream Renu leather helps stop overheating and stickiness. In as little as 10 minutes, the chair can be fully assembled at home.

The ProLounger

Many lift chair reviews have given this model high marks for its infinite-position functionality and innovative engineering. Another great aspect of this chair is its whisper-quiet functioning while adjusting. A full chaise pad that is situated between the seat and the leg rest is in place to provide additional security and make sitting even more comfortable.

Homelegance Kellen Power Lift

With its simple assembly and no screw requirements, this chair is a fantastic option for people who want something that it both hassle-free and still does its job. The tufted back and padded arm enhance the chair’s transitional style. Only 13.75 inches of clearance are all that the chair needs to recline fully, further making it one of the best rated lift chairs.

Magic Union Power Lift Recliner

The heating and massaging features of this chair make it an excellent investment. Its solid wood frame gives the chair maximum stability. While sitting in the chair, the legs and back can be massaged for deeper relaxation. Heat can be focused on the lumbar region to ease back pain and tension. Brown and black color options are available for the upholstery.

Frivity Power Lift Recliner

This option is considered to be one of the best lift chair recliner options because of its bonded leather material, two cupholders and three storage bags. The overstuffed arms and backrest create the sensation of sitting on a cloud. Along with its ability to push forward from its base to assist with standing, the chair comes with a massaging mechanism that can simulate a spa experience.

MaxiComfort by Golden

Regarded for being one of the top ConsumerAffairs and Consumer Reports lift chairs, the MaxiComfort recliner has all the setting that are needed to feel the most comfortable. A handheld controller can be used to select positions such as Zero Gravity, TV Watching, Sleep and Trendelenburg. The chair is also designed to promote better health while taking much of the strain out of rising to stand from sitting.

Lift Chair Types

Each model is designed to accommodate a person’s specific needs and can operate in different ways. Two-position lift chairs allow for sitting and standing. In addition to sitting and lift functions, a three-position chair can adjust to a reading and partial recline but does not recline fully. Infinite-position power chairs are considered to be among the best lift chairs for elderly because of their ability to recline fully and elevate the feet above the heart for better circulation. An infinite-position dual motor lift chair makes it possible to adjust the back and footrest separately. A chair that is classified as a wall hugger means that it can be placed next a wall and does not need a lot of extra space to operate.

Some models are also designed with extra features that provide additional benefits. There are models that come with massage and heat options to ease tense and sore muscles and facilitate relaxation. Arm and head covers along with removable arm rests are other optional features that are practical for many people. Some models also come equipped with tray tables that make it easier to sit while eating. Anyone who wants some added cushioning can purchase a chair with extra pillows and fabric.

How To Choose A Lift Chair

Several factors should be considered before buying a lift chair. Knowing what to look for when shopping around will take a lot of the guesswork out of making the right choice. Some of the main factors that should be considered include:

  • Size and Weight Capacity

While most chairs are made to fit all body types, it is still important to choose a chair with the ideal measurements to get the most enjoyment out of it. A chair that measures 40.5 inches in height, 31 inches in width and 36 inches in depth will usually work well for most people, but a person who is more than six feet tall will benefit from a model measuring around 43 inches in height, 38 inches in width and 37 inches in depth. The maximum weight capacity for most chairs is 375 pounds, but it might be possible to order a specially made chair that can accommodate more weight.

  • Space Requirements

Some chairs need more open space around them than others to operate fully. A wall hugger will be suitable for anyone who does not wish to recline much and enjoys sitting mostly upright. For full reclining, it is advisable to select a model that can fit better into a room that has more open space.

  • Material

Chairs that come with breathable faux leather upholstery make it possible to sit longer without sweating or sticking to the material. Bonded leather, polyester and standard fabric can also work well.

  • Support

The best lift chairs reviews are often written about models that provide adequate support to all the right areas. Choosing a chair that gives enough support to the legs, arms, neck, head, lumbar and upper back will be a smart investment. Chairs that have ergonomic designs and forgiving foam material can offer even more support.

  • Functions

Each chair is designed to operate in different ways, so it is important to know about all the features of a particular model before making a purchase. While a standard two-position elevating recliner that goes back part of the way might work for some people, others may want something that is even more versatile. Some chairs are made to recline fully so that seniors and other people with mobility challenges can take a nap instead of having to get up to go to bed. People who suffer from chronic pain and muscle tension or just want to relax on a deeper level will benefit from getting chairs that have massaging and heating capabilities.

  • Storage and Convenience

TV remotes and other objects may be difficult for people with mobility challenges to retrieve if they are situated far away, and a lift chair that has storage pockets will eliminate this hassle. Some chairs have as many as three storage pockets to hold more items. Chairs that come with TV trays and handheld remotes to control power functions offer additional convenience.

  • Price

Each retailer sets their prices on lift chairs differently, so it is best to shop around to find the most affordable option that still delivers top performance. The best place to buy lift chair models will feature full pricing details and may even offer warranties. Finding a seller with more options will make it easier to compare power lift chairs by price, features and any optional add-ons.

Power lift chairs can be helpful for seniors and other people with mobility challenges in many different ways. Reading the best power lift recliners reviews can make the process of choosing the right model an easier task.