Knee scooters are often essential for people who face mobility difficulties. These scooters help people with injuries to either of the legs, ankles or feet move easier without having to put force on the wounded appendage to walk. People also sometimes rely on these scooters after undergoing surgery. The effected limb can be supported on the scooter’s cushioned platform while the tires and handlebars are used to make maneuvering easier.

Many people consider knee scooters to be a more comfortable alternative to crutches and traditional walkers. Using a crutch can put excess strain on the arm muscles and sometimes cause underarm pain with prolonged use. Most crutch and standard walker models are also not as stable as knee scooters and can be dangerous to use while walking over rough or slippery surfaces. Knee scooters don’t require as much balance or energy to use and can make getting around more comfortable. The cushioned platforms on knee scooters can elevate injured limbs and protect them from further harm while walking and also promote faster healing. Some scooter models even come with baskets that can be used to store and carry personal items while in motion.

Whether a particular brand is described as a knee scooter, knee roller, rolling knee walker or by some other name, most models function similarly and are designed to heal injured limbs faster and promote better wellness. The scooter works by supporting the effected knee in a kneeling position while the rest of the body is able to move more freely. Most scooters come with either three or four rubber tires that are safe and durable for all types of surfaces. Anyone who plans to still take part in outdoor activities and lead an active life while trying to rehabilitate from a leg injury will benefit from having an all-terrain scooter. The top models have high poundage capacities to accommodate people of all sizes. There are even models that are built specifically for petite and larger users who require more poundage support.

Knee Wheelers Models

Isokinetics Walker

This scooter is built to distribute poundage evenly to navigate with less difficulty. The handlebars allow for comfortable gripping and turning. Non-scuff tires assure a streak-free floor. Steering column and knee cushion heights are adjustable. The included handy basket can be used to carry certain items and can be removed whenever it is not needed. When the scooter is stationary, the locking brakes can be used to prevent it from moving.

KneeRover Steerable

Built for better steering, the KneeRover can turn around sharp corners and taken through tight spaces with ease. Greater stability is achieved with the dual-bar frame. The rear disc brake allows for even better control. The rollator is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Up to 300 pounds can be supported by the scooter. A quick folding mechanism allows the scooter to be folded and stored or transported with little additional effort.

All-Terrain KneeRover

For an even more technologically advanced option, the All-Terrain KneeRover offers a smooth ride and is compatible with both legs. The large treaded tires are able to travel over all types of surfaces with greater freedom. The ergonomic design helps users maintain the proper posture to get around safely without putting undue stress on the affected limb. People who are between the heights of 5’6” and 6’6” will be the most comfortable with this model.

KneeRover Petite

Perfect for children and smaller adults, this model can still provide enough support across indoor floors as well as grass, gravel, dirt and other outdoor surfaces. This scooter can also go over cracks and gaps in sidewalks easily. The extra training wheel is affixed to give the scooter additional stability.

BodyMed Folding

Many knee scooter reviews have given the BodyMed Folding excellent ratings for its stability and multiple height adjustment capabilities. This model is particularly ideal for anyone who needs a sturdy orthopedic knee scooter and wants to still lead an active lifestyle while healing. The tightness and looseness of the brakes can also be adjusted with little hassle.

Swivelmate Walker with Basket

The 90-degree turning radius is made possible by the scooter’s patented belt steering. The tires measure 7 inches and won’t damage surfaces when rolling. A 3-inch padded platform is included that allows the knee to rest to avoid risking further damage to the injured appendage. No tools are required for assembly.

Drive Medical DV8

At just 19 pounds, this model is one of the lightest scooters on the market that still offers top performance while being able to support up to 300 pounds. This model is even beneficial for people who have had a foot amputated and are looking for an easier way to get around. After use, the steering column can be folded for storage. The scooter has also gotten positive reviews for its price and is an excellent choice for anyone who is on a budget.


Available in three color choices, this model features a dual knee cushion and can be adjusted to suit both taller and shorter users. The 350-pound capacity makes the device perfect for all body types. Clear 8-inch PU tires with sealed bearings can be used on indoor surfaces and outdoor terrain.

Deluxe Knee Cycle

Whether the right or left limb has been injured, the Deluxe Knee Cycle can work from either side of the body and has been recognized for its excellent durability. This model beats standard walkers in performance and includes a basket so that personal belongings don’t have to be carried while on the move.

Karman Luxury

Many people consider the Karman Luxury to be the best knee scooter in terms of drivability and safety. The braking mechanism can bring the device to a stop even on downhill ramps or slopes. The extra-large knob for height adjustments allows for easier modifications. Along with its thick s-shaped frame, the Karman Luxury has a reinforced woven carbon knee pad for long-term use.

Free Spirit Scooter

Supporting up to 400 pounds and 6’6” in height, the Free Spirit Scooter is one of the top models on that market for people of all sizes. The model’s ample design makes it a great choice for anyone who is trying to recover from a limb injury and undergoing rehabilitation. The uniquely designed loop hand grips make stopping even easier. Changing direction can be done with less difficulty thanks to the model’s 30-percent turning radius.

Medline Walker

Only three tires are needed to make this knee walker function the way that it should. People who have sustained injuries below the knee and require a reliable leg cast scooter will find this model especially useful. The bench can be adjusted to heights of 4’10” to 6’4”. A larger basket means more room for personal items.

How To Choose A Knee Wheeler

  • Height and Weight

The best knee walker or scooter will depend on the size, poundage capacities and specific needs of each person. All one leg scooters should have adjustment mechanisms to allow changes in height.

  • Padding

The padding of the platform that is used to support the injured limb should be firm enough to give adequate support while still providing enough comfort. It is also important to choose a scooter with padding that is lined with material that is not too slick so that the injured limb does not slide out of place.

  • Handlebars

The handlebars should be easy to grip, and a loop handle design may be better for anyone who might have more difficulty grasping the handlebars securely. The handbrake on the handlebars should be accessible with limited difficulty so that the scooter can be brought to a stop whenever needed.

  • Special Needs

Certain models are built to accommodate people who have special needs and require different levels of support. Whether a person is lighter and petite or has a larger and heavier body frame, there are models that are made to accommodate each body type. Children can also find scooters that are made specifically for them. Person who have trouble lifting heavy objects will benefit from getting knee wheelers that are lighter. Anyone who needs a scooter for broken foot or a foot surgery scooter can choose a model that is built specifically for injuries of the lower part of the affected appendage.

  • Safety

Every component of the scooter needs to be securely fastened so that nothing comes apart while in motion. It is important to test the braking mechanism for safety before using any scooter. Wheels should be in alignment, and any tires that require air should be free of any punctures or other leaks that could flatten the tire and make the scooter unsafe to operate.

  • Price

Scooters come in all price ranges, and even the top models are reasonably priced. It may be worth spending a bit more on a model that can give enough support to facilitate a faster recovery. There are many sellers online who offer the same scooters at different prices, and shopping around is a great way to find the best deals.

Choosing the best broken leg scooter or scooter for foot injury can be easier by knowing what to look for in each model that is available on the market. By picking the right selection, foot, ankle and other limb injuries will be able to mend themselves faster.