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Not only do hospital bedside tables give you a place to place your phone, remote control or other items that might be needed during the night, but they also allow for easy access to water and medicine. If you’re in the hospital recovering from an injury/illness (or having surgery), then this will make it much easier to take your medication on time. It’s important not to miss taking any of these because doing so can delay recovery!

The best thing about most of these tables is that they are designed with safety features, like cup holders and side rails, which help prevent spills and falls while using them at night. However some models have been reported as being hard to clean because there aren’t enough places where dirt can escape.

If you are staying in the hospital or recovering from surgery, then it is recommended that you get one of these bedside tables. If your injury/illness prevents you from getting out of bed (such as a broken leg), this table will make things much easier because there’s no need to lean over to use it!

There are models which can be used both inside and outside the hospital, making them ideal for people who want something more permanent than what they’re given during their stay. However if you plan on using yours long-term at home, then we recommend checking with your insurance company first about whether they will cover the cost since most don’t have an issue with covering products designed specifically for medical purposes.

A regular bedside table is designed for people who are able to get out of their bed, so there aren’t any safety features included. Because most models have one or more drawers, they provide easier access to things like water bottles and books. Hospital bedsides on the other hand tend not to include these because it’s assumed that you won’t be getting up as much. This also means they usually don’t come with lamps (although this may vary depending on which model you choose).

Best hospital bedside table models reviewed

Driven Overbed Table with Wheels

The Driven Medical Overbed Table with Wheels Height (27.6″~34.7″) is an essential piece of furniture for hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes. This multifunctional overbed table has foldable dual-purpose design- becoming either an extension of your bedside or a PC desk! It’s adjustable to fit the height you need so you can put it at home or in any care facility that doesn’t have room for just one type of overbed table.

The extended length is 27 inches but adjusts up to 34 7/8 inches high enough for most people’s needs – perfect whether your tabletop is 23 1/2 square inches wide or 55 square inches wide giving plenty of room to place books, laptops and other essentials. This hospital bedside table has a sturdy steel frame and dual caster wheels making it easy to roll in and out of the way when not in use. It is an overbed table that can hold up to 100 pounds, perfect for holding your dinner tray or laptop computer while you’re propped up on your mattress.

The Driven Medical Overbed Table with Wheels Height (27.60″~34.70″) also includes a convenient drawer which slides easily open and shut -great for storing pens, pencils, glasses or other items you need to keep close at hand. This bedside table is an overbed table which can be used for medical procedures and make a useful addition to any hospital bed or other kind of home medical equipment. It’s also great as a laptop tray, rolling your computer right up next to you while you’re watching TV in the family room!

  • Can be used as an overbed table or PC desk
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy steel frame and dual caster wheels
  • Convenient drawer
  • Heavy shipping weight, not recommended for use with a hospital bed that is elevated.
Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

The Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table With Wheels (Hospital and Home Use) is a portable table that can be used for eating, writing, or working on the computer. This versatile medical accessory adjusts to your height needs so you don’t have to bend down or reach up while using it- making this desk ideal for tasks like washing hands at home when someone has an injury that makes bending difficult!

This bedside table with wheels comes in two heights: 23 ½ inches and 28 ¾ inches high -both of which are adjustable up to 34 ¼ inches high. The sturdy steel frame holds over 100 pounds so even if you’re lying down on a hospital bed mattress, this adjustable laptop tray will hold your computer tablet or book you’re reading.

The tabletop measures 22 inches wide by 15 ¼ inches deep, which is big enough for a laptop computer, notebook and pen/pencil combo, water bottle (or other beverage), remote control(s) and your smartphone to sit comfortably on it. This bedside table with wheels even has an adjustable bottom shelf that’s perfect for holding books, magazines or items you want to keep close at hand like glasses or phone chargers!

  • Adjustable to accommodate different heights
  • Sturdy steel frame holds up to 100 pounds
  • Holds multiple items on the bottom shelf and tabletop
  • May be too high for some people or hospital beds.
Medical Deluxe Tilt Top Overbed Bedside Table

The Medical Deluxe Tilt Top Overbed Bedside Table with Height Adjustment Feature (Hospital & Home Use) is a great bedside table that can be used for eating, writing or working on the computer. This versatile medical accessory adjusts to your height needs so you don’t have to bend down or reach up while using it- making this desk ideal when someone has an injury and bending is difficult!

This bedside table tilts from 45 degrees downward to 15 degrees upward in case you want to lie flat on your hospital bed mattress but still need access items like books and magazines which are kept in the bottom shelf of the two side shelves attached underneath its tabletop surface. The adjustable top holds 100 pounds, too, so even if you’re a bigger person, this bedside table is a good option for you.

The only drawback about the Medical Deluxe Tilt Top Overbed Bedside Table with Height Adjustment Feature (Hospital & Home Use) that buyers have mentioned is that they wish it was available in more colors besides beige or black vinyl. If color isn’t important to you and what’s most important is function, though, then go ahead and get one of these hospital bed tables!

  • Raises and lowers
  • Holds 100 pounds of weight
  • Tilts for easier access to items on the bottom shelf
  • Only available in beige or black vinyl color.
Vaunn Medical Deluxe Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

The Vaunn Medical Deluxe Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels (Hospital and Home Use) is another medical bed table that you can use for eating, writing or working on the computer. It’s also one of the cheapest options available which makes it a great value!

This hospital bedside table has an adjustable top surface along with three side shelves- two smaller ones attached to either side of its tabletop and a larger bottom shelf underneath where you can place items like books, magazines, remotes, etc. The height is adjustable from 28 inches up to 39 inches so this product works well if your injury requires you to raise or lower yourself while sitting in your hospital bed.

This hospital bedside table has four locking casters which are great for mobility. The wheels lock when you’re sitting on your bed, but they can be unlocked to maneuver this product easily with one hand while seated in your chair or lying down in the hospital bed itself. This is helpful if you need something nearby to eat, write or work on a laptop computer- especially if you share it with someone else!

The tabletop of this medical table is 25 inches square and made from high quality ABS plastic that will hold up well over time even after repeated use. Assembly takes about 20 minutes since there aren’t too many parts involved.

  • Adjustable height for sitting or lying down.
  • Top surface is 25 inches square, perfect size to hold eating tray and laptop computer at the same time if needed!
  • Some reviewers have said that the black tabletop stains rather easily after repeated use, especially since there’s no protective coating over top of it.
Lumex Modern Overbed Table with Wheels

The Lumex Modern Overbed Table with Wheels – 28-41″ Adjustable Height for Hospital Bed & Home Bedside Use is another great option if you need a hospital bed table. It’s slightly more expensive than the Vaunn Medical Deluxe, but it has some unique features that are worth considering!

This medical tray can be used in both home and hospital settings since its height range is adjustable from 28 inches up to 41 inches high so that you don’t have to sit or lie down when using this product. The tabletop adjusts along two bars on either end of the unit while the bottom shelf underneath provides extra storage space for magazines, books and other items at 24 by 14 inches (approximately).

There aren’t any smaller shelves like we found on the Vaunn Medical Deluxe Hospital Bedside Table, but this Lumex model comes with wheels so you can easily roll it around your bed or move it out of the way when not in use. We also found that one customer who ordered both hospital bed tables mentioned preferring this unit over the other because she was able to adjust its height easier than the lower end models!

Though there aren’t any smaller shelves like we found on some competitors’ products, customers seem to love how easy they find assembly and adjustment for their own personal needs. This is definitely a great product if you’re looking for something adjustable (both height-wise AND width-wise) at an economical price point!

  • Height adjusts from 28-41 inches high
  • Wheels for easy movement around the room or bedside table
  • No smaller shelves like some competitor models.
Medacure Bedside Table with Wheels

Another great option is the Medacure Bedside Table, which offers a lot of flexibility for positioning and height since it comes with wheels. This easily adjusts from 30 to 38 inches high so that you can use your laptop while lying in bed or just sit up comfortably without having to strain yourself by leaning over too far!

This full-length product review article answers common questions and provides useful tips about hospital bed side table. It also includes information on how this unit will help you avoid spills thanks its raised edge design allowing liquids to run off your table top.

The whole unit is made out of industrial grade steel frame, which means that it can support up to 50 pounds! This includes you laptop, your food tray and everything else you might need while lying in bed for an extended period of time or recovering from surgery. The table top measures 20 x 12 inches so there’s plenty of space for all these items plus a newspaper if you want to read something – just make sure not to drop anything on the floor when reading this!

This product does have locking casters so it won’t move around too much unless someone bumps into it by accident. Plus since the wheels are at the bottom rather than underneath the tabletop itself they’re even less likely to damage your floors compared to other similar products on the market. The wheels can also be removed if you don’t want to use them, so it’s a win-win situation either way!

  • Wheels provide flexibility
  • Raised edge design prevents spills
  • Fits most hospital beds
  • Tends to slide around more than other options without wheels on the bottom.
Hospital Bed Table Bedside Table Lap Desk for Laptop and Writing

Designed for the medical industry, this Overbed Table can help you have a healthier and quieter hospital stay. Raise and lower the desk from 30 to 43 inches with just a light touch on the lever-operated air-powered cylinder under table. It also includes locking wheels that will keep it in place when needed! 

This multifunctional overbed table measures 30.3”L x 18.5W” is made of steel, weight capacity 350 lbs., so don’t forget to bring it with you as your new best friend as soon as you wake up from your surgery. Easy gliding caster wheels let’s you roam throughout the room more easily without any disruption or worries about wear & tear that usually comes into play when you have to drag your stuff around the room. Let’s admit it, being in a hospital bed can be boring and having something fun like this table will provide some distractions while reading or working on your computer.

It comes with four large compartments for storage of books, magazines, laptops, tablets or writing utensils/materials that are perfect for small notebooks etc., two adjustable cup holders which is great when you just want to take a quick break from work! It has an open compartment at the back which makes sliding things under the desk super easy without any hassle.  This overbed table also features ergonomic handles so carrying it isn’t too difficult even if you’re still recovering after surgery; it won’t cause more damage to your body.

  • Heavy duty steel material.
  • Ergonomic handles for easy carrying and moving around the room.
  • Padded armrests for added comfort while reading or working on your laptop.
  • The price might be a little bit high compared to other options but it’s worth every single penny given that its made of superior quality materials, guaranteed durability and built to last!

How to Choose The Best Hospital bedside Table For The Money

  • Size:

you should consider the size of your mattress/bed as well as what you’ll need to store on top of it. Many modern models provide extra features such as integrated cup holders, storage drawers and trays so take these into account too!

  • Materials:

hospital bedside tables are made from various materials ranging from simple plastic or metal constructions with non slip grips at the bottom to heavy duty steel frames that won’t move around when bumped into during sleep time.

  • Durability & Design:

modern styles offer a variety of colors, designs and shapes for users looking for something chic instead of traditional but also functional enough not to fall apart after one wash (e.g., collapsing mechanisms etc.). More importantly make sure that the material is strong and doesn’t bend easily when sitting on top of it (especially if you’re tall) or want to adjust its height while lying in bed.

  • Other Features:

some models include additional features such as built-in USB power outlets so that patients can charge their phones, tablets etc.(e.g., at night without having to get up from bed). There are even foldable tables with integrated cup holders which have been designed for use by both children and adults alike! Some folding hospital table brands have even added side trays for this purpose too instead of just a fixed shelf option which could be inconvenient not only during meal times but also reading time depending on how much storage space you need underneath your mattress/bed.

Hospital bedside table types

A regular bedside table is just a small side table that has one or two drawers and may or may not include space for lamps. They are typically made of wood, but occasionally they can be found in plastic too. These tables vary in price based on the materials used to make them (as well as any additional features).

There are also adjustable hospital bedside tables which allow you to easily change their height by pressing buttons located underneath them; these tend to range anywhere from $100-300 depending on what type you get along with whether your insurance covers its cost. The main downside of this style is that most models don’t have enough room for storage compartments like cup holders/drawers so they aren’t ideal if you want something that you can use both at night and during the day.

Some hospital bedside tables are designed for a specific purpose, such as those which come with a socket to recharge your phone or other devices via USB cables (included). They also may include additional storage space like cup holders/drawers underneath them. These tend to be pricier than standard models because of all the extra features they have, but if you need something that does more than just hold items then it could be worth paying an extra $100-300 depending on what type you buy.

The advantages of a hospital bedside table

  • Convenience:

it allows you to keep all the essentials within reach so that you don’t need to get out of bed in order to look for them. If necessary, a side table is also useful during night time when we often use an extra pillow or drink water from our bottle without having to leave our comfortable position under the covers.

  • Quality:

hospital bedside tables are designed specifically for people who stay in their beds most of the day/evening (for example if they have recently undergone surgery). They are strong enough not only to support daily necessities but also ensure durability over time even with frequent use by many patients each day.

  • Ease of use: 

hospital bedside tables are also easy to use thanks to their symmetrical structure which allows them to be used on either side of the hospital bed.

  • Space saver:

they are space efficient, so no need for extra storage spaces in home (e.g., under the bed) or at your place of work (if you’re using one at an office). They also eliminate clutter and maximize main working areas by freeing up floor area that would otherwise be occupied with stacks of magazines, books, papers etc.

  • Portability: 

most side tables are lightweight and foldable which makes them easy to carry around if you need to quickly relocate it.

  • Storage:

most bedside tables come with several storage shelves, trays or baskets so that one can accommodate not only drinks but also personal items such as magazines, books/work files etc.

  • Safety:

hospital bedside tables are designed to ensure safety by providing enough support for drinks, medical equipment or food trays so that they do not easily fall off onto the floor.

  • Ease of cleaning: 

if you have kids at home who often spill their drink over your side table then a foldable one is definitely better as it can be cleaned much easier than its fixed counterpart.

Must have bedside hospital table features

  • Foldable/Height adjustable:

this feature makes them more versatile as one can adjust the height of the bedside table depending on their needs (e.g., reaching up, bending over etc.)

  • Lightweight & Portable:

lightweight design also enhances portability which allows patients with limited movement capabilities to move their tables from one place to another without having other people’s help. They could relocate within hospital rooms or even take it out in case they need an extra surface during recovery time outside of home e.g when staying at a hotel room.

  • Easy to clean:

as mentioned above, one of the advantages is that foldable tables can be easily cleaned and moved around. It’s also easy to wipe off stains or spillages on its surface (e.g., due to kids’ drinks etc.). With a fixed table you would need another piece of furniture such as side drawers for storage which makes it difficult to remove dirt from underneath. Those with baskets are easier to move but still require some effort especially if they have many items stored in them and not accessible all at once (for example when tucked under your bed). Therefore, collapsible/folding models make more sense because they allow quick access and provide an extra level of convenience during cleaning time so don’t forget this important tip.

  • Side storage shelves:

most hospital bedside tables come with side shelving which can accommodate many items such as drinks, reading materials and even food trays/plates when you need to eat in bed (e.g., after surgery).

  • Height adjustable design:

this ensures safety for patients who might be at risk of falling out of their beds or hurting themselves if they try reaching up high while lying on the mattress (for example due to recent abdominal surgery etc.). It also allows them more flexibility by having extra range of motion without hitting their heads against the ceiling! A good height adjustability feature is important not only during recovery but also when using a desk chair that’s too tall or short relative to your body size.

  • Non-slip safety grips:

modern hospital bedside tables have non-slip grips on their surface so that drinks, plates or medical equipment won’t slip off onto the floor. Some are heavy duty materials with rubberized feet to prevent sliding while others use plastic no skid caps. These features also protect your bed frame from getting scratched by accidentally hitting it when you’re turning around in bed! They will give you extra peace of mind knowing that everything is well stabilized and secured during sleep time whether sitting up reading a book or sleeping soundly without having to worry about any possible spills which could cause damage to both furniture and property alike.

Frequently asked questions about the hospital bedside table

Are all hospital bedside tables the same?

No, they are not. You would be surprised by how many different styles and options there are on the market for this very specific type of furniture! So if you have no idea what to look for or even where to begin, don’t worry – we will take care of it now.

How do I know which size is the right one?

There are a few different factors that go into this question. The very first thing you will need to think about when choosing a bedside table for your hospital bed is how long your current mattress or cushioning pad is in order to be able to determine what kind of length and width measurements you should buy. Another consideration would be where exactly on the bed frame made by the hospital staff you wish for it to sit, so therefor knowing what type of surface area each side requires will help as well.

What is the best material for a hospital bedside table?

The most common materials used to make this type of furniture are metal, plastic and wood. While some people prefer one over another, all three options have their own advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed in order to pick which one will work best for you.


A hospital bedside table is designed for the specific needs of hospitals. They are different from regular bedside tables in several ways, including their size and material composition; they must be able to withstand heavy use without breaking or bending over time. Hospital bed side tables also need to have rounded edges that won’t damage sheets or injure patients during a shift. The best way to find out which type is right for you is by reading our guide on how to pick out your perfect hospital bedside table!