Have you ever found yourself wondering what the best hospital bed mattress is? There are many factors to consider, and it can be hard to find one that will work for your needs. This article provides answers to some of the most common questions people have about hospital bed mattresses. It also includes reviews of three different mattresses, with pros and cons for each so you can decide which is right for you.

A hospital bed mattress is similar to a regular mattress, but it has longer and wider measurements. These mattresses are designed for comfort as well as durability. Hospital beds can be adjusted in many ways to suit the needs of the patient who will use them. The best hospital bed mattress should be able to work with any adjustments that may need to take place through the years, such as changes in height (for both under-bed storage and getting out of bed) or even adding extra padding if needed due to injury or weight gain/loss over time.

Some people choose not only their own doctor but also their own furniture when they go into a hospital room, including what mattress they want used on their adjustable frame (which acts like an ordinary box spring and mattress, but with added capability).

Hospital Bed Mattresses Models

Invacare Deluxe Innerspring Support Surface 5185

Invacare has been around for a long time and they have built up quite the reputation – which is why it’s hardly surprising that their hospital beds are of such high quality. This mattress is an example of what you can expect from them: a durable, well-supported surface with all the features you need to stay comfortable during your recovery!

It comes in three sizes (see below) so whether you’re looking for twin or full size bedding there will definitely be something suitable here. It also supports patients weighing between 50 and 500 pounds as each side adjusts independently (up to 400 lbs per side), giving users extra freedom when moving about on this supportive surface! The head section even rotates at 135 degrees while the rest remains motionless (perfect for watching TV or reading a book!)

It comes with the usual advantages of an innerspring mattress: it’s easy to move and maintain, isn’t too heavy (so your nurse won’t have trouble changing sheets), is low-maintenance and doesn’t require any special care. It even features Invacare’s own patented Smart Response Technology which provides greater support as pressure points are applied so you’ll never feel stuck inside it! If that wasn’t enough, this model also has added antimicrobial protection making it safe against various types of bacteria.

  • Ideal for users weighing between 50 and 500 pounds
  • Features Invacare’s patented Smart Response Technology
  • 135 degrees rotation of head section to easily change position or watch TV!
  • Quite expensive compared to other models on the market.
Invacare Deluxe Innerspring Support Surface 5185

Another great innerspring mattress with all the usual advantages! This Drive Medical model is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget but still want high quality. It’s not as durable or motionless as other models, however at this price it does offer good value for money and comfortable bedding during recovery. Just remember that you’ll have to buy your own sheets so if you’re counting every dollar – keep this in mind!

It comes in three sizes (see below) so whether you’re looking for twin or full size bedding there will definitely be something suitable here. As well as adjustable height head section it also features additional lumbar support which can help prevent back pain after surgery while recovering from injury.

The mattress itself uses a blended fiber fill which is not as durable as other more expensive models but still provides good comfort and support. In some cases it can also be used for an everyday bed so you won’t have to just use this one piece of equipment during recovery! As with most innerspring mattresses, even the best ones lack motion isolation – if your partner tosses or turns a lot then expect disturbances throughout the night. There’s no coils on top either so don’t expect any added bounce from these guys. Overall they’re decent enough hospital bedding at a reasonable price point!

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Only comes with one fitted sheet
Drive Medical Quick N Easy 15076

A step up in quality and features with this Drive Medical model. As usual they deliver top notch value for money – the design is solid, durable and comes with all you need to get started (except sheets). The mattress has a full length pocket spring system which provides excellent support while sleeping on your back or side. It also offers additional lumbar support like many other models but don’t expect it’s motion isolation properties to be as good as memory foam options – these are basic hospital bedding after all!

If you’re looking for an everyday use option then look no further because that’s exactly what this product is designed for. In fact, even if you’ve never been injured before we recommend considering one these guys over budget-friendly variants because it’s just so hard to beat in terms of value for money. The mattress is made with 100% polyurethane foam and features waterproof flocking on the surface ensuring easy cleaning, durability and comfort while you recover from your injury or illness. It also comes complete with a two-sided design allowing you to save space by flipping over when one side gets dirty (or simply buy another to ensure constant rotation).

The only downside we could think of was that this model doesn’t include corner connectors which are usually sold separately but they’re fairly cheap to source online if needed. They do however come standard with an adjustable bed frame which makes everything much easier at home – there won’t be any issues finding sheets either as most brands fit perfectly. Overall it’s a high-quality product with all the bells and whistles you’ll need to recover from your injury or illness.

  • Pocket spring system offers excellent support
  • Comes with adjustable bed frame
  • Doesn’t include corner connectors (sold separately)
Drive Medical Gravity 7 15770

The Gravity Mattress by Drive Medical is one of the best hospital bed mattress options when it comes to value for money. It’s a well-rounded product that ticks all the boxes and offers great support – in fact, we’d go as far as saying this thing can compete with memory foam models in terms of durability (albeit not motion isolation).

This variant is different from other products on our list because instead of using 100% polyurethane foam they’ve opted for viscoelastic memory foam which provides excellent comfort while sleeping but isn’t quite as durable. Regardless, if you want something specifically designed for everyday use then look no further than these guys – they’re perfect! The Memory Foam Support uses layered high density base support foam and memory foam comfort layer to provide a high degree of support.

The viscoelastic material is designed for enhanced pressure redistribution, making it a great choice if you suffer from chronic pain or have some serious medical issues going on – the mattress will relieve stress points while allowing your body to breathe so that heat doesn’t accumulate during sleep. In terms of core construction we’re looking at four inches thick of polyurethane base foam which provides incredible durability as well as edge-to-edge stability thanks to its firm composition. There’s no way this thing can sag under heavy weights! Furthermore, the 22 gauge steel coils ensure proper spinal alignment with excellent back support regardless of how much weight they hold up (upwards of 800 lbs).

  • Great value for money
  • Memory foam is perfect if you have chronic pain or serious medical conditions
  • Mattress gives strong support and relieves pressure points while allowing air to circulate
  • Not as durable as 100% polyurethane models.
Drive Medical Overlay Topper 14893

The 14893 is designed to be placed on top of an existing mattress – it can’t function without one underneath. It’s a gel overlay that provides excellent pressure relief while relieving back pain and reducing the risk of developing bed sores by increasing airflow around your body. Furthermore, it’s soft enough for people with sensitive skin but firm enough not to break down over time (unlike other models).

One thing you should know about owning this product is that its durability depends entirely on what kind of base surface you place it upon. Gel memory foam works best if paired with high density support foam which gives long term comfort as well as breathability – pretty much any type will enhance performance though so feel free to experiment! Memory foam has been ergonomically designed to reduce pressure points and prevent the spine from shifting as you sleep which reduces back pain and allows for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. It comes with an antimicrobial cover that prevents mold and mildew growth (perfect if you share your bed) which means it will last longer than conventional memory foam without needing regular replacement.

The Drive Medical Overlay Topper 14893 is definitely worth its price tag because of how much value it brings to the table in comparison to other models (not only does this model come with free shipping but we also give extended guarantees upon purchase).

  • Free shipping
  • 90 day return policy
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Expensive mattress pad
Proactive Protekt Aire 1500

The Proactive Protekt Aire 1500 is a full-sized mattress that acts as an airbed, water bed and foam pad all in one. It has been specifically designed to prevent the development of pressure ulcers by controlling airflow around your body while maintaining consistent firmness throughout its surface which means you can rest easily knowing it will be there for you when needed most.

This model comes with free shipping but please note this does not include assembly – if purchasing from Amazon they also offer same day delivery so read carefully before buying! The product itself weighs roughly 50 pounds making it easy enough to move into place using two people or even alone (just take caution not to scratch yourself on exposed metal edges). If you want something lightweight then check out the PlushBeds Flocked Air Mattress which is a great alternative and only weighs 25 pounds.

This mattress comes with the ability to inflate/deflate as needed using an AC powered pump – this can be set to your preferred firmness via air pressure from 0-20lbs (it also has preset options for those who don’t know how much they prefer). The control panel is easy enough use but it’s always best practice not to leave anything plugged in overnight or when you’re away from home just incase of power outages etc. This model offers a washable vinyl cover that prevents leakage, bedbugs and allergens while still being comfortable against your skin with its soft flocking material on top.

  • High quality and durable materials
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Washable cover (vinyl)
  • Expensive option
Drive Low Air Loss Sleep Surface 14027

The Drive Low Air Loss Sleep Surface 14027 is a low air loss mattress that offers the benefit of both therapeutic and comfort features. They provide 20 built-in massaging nodes which can be used to stimulate nerve endings and muscles as well as increase blood flow throughout your body. The product itself comes with three layers; underlayers, top layer (comfort) and an outer cover made from breathable cotton for allergen protection.

The top layer is a breathable cotton cover for allergen protection. It has been tested and found to be anti-microbial, vapor permeable, moisture resistant and dust mite resistant by the manufacturer. This top layer has a thickness of about one inch and its density is approximately three pounds.

The second layer, the comfort layer provides pressure relief as well as aligning your spine properly while you sleep to prevent aches and pains from being misaligned all throughout your body. The third and final base level consists of a high-density foam for increased durability which can be used with any mattress foundation or box spring .

  • The Drive Low Air Loss Sleep Surface 14027 is a low air loss mattress that offers the benefit of both therapeutic and comfort features.
  • It has been tested and found to be anti-microbial, vapor permeable, moisture resistant and dust mite resistant by the manufacturer.
  • The top layer is not made from natural fibers such as bamboo which some people prefer in their bedding.
Invacare Solace Prevention Therapeutic Foam Mattress

The Invacare Solace Prevention Therapeutic Foam Mattress is an air mattress that provides the benefit of therapeutic features as well. The product comes with a fabric cover, underlayers and high-density foam for increased durability which can be used with any mattress foundation or box spring .

This particular best hospital bed mattress has been infused with antimicrobial agents to prevent bacteria growth within your mattress itself. Plus it also prevents dust mites from reproducing inside the actual surface area of your brand new bedding set! This invades allergens like pollen, mold spores etc. preventing them from entering our respiratory system while we sleep at night.

The top layer consists of two inches viscoelastic memory foam designed perfectly for pressure relief. The cooling effect of this material makes sure that you do not feel too hot when you are resting upon it. It is best for individuals suffering from arthritis, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, post-surgery recovery or even people afflicted with back pain because of herniated discs in the spine .

The second layer consists of one inch gel foam which allows air to flow through your body while keeping you cool at night. Memory foam by nature does not allow airflow but if there’s no ventilation then an individual will start feeling hotter than usual during sleep time! So the addition of a breathable gel memory foam helps improves comfortability level dramatically.

  • Pressure relief and therapeutic mattress that is suitable for individuals with health conditions
  • Very durable and long lasting product which can last for years on end if cared properly.
  • The two inch high density memory foam top layer provides you pressure point relief while the one inch gel infused memory foam underneath helps in ventilation so no overheating occurs .
  • Might be a bit pricey than most other products available but it’s quite worth its value!
Medline Vinyl Innerspring Mattress

The Medline Vinyl Innerspring Mattress with Dual Density comes in a standard twin size so if you are sharing this product with someone else then it is ideal for couples. This best hospital bed mattress has got an impressive number of reviews on Amazon with four and half stars out of five which means the customers who purchased their products were quite satisfied and happy !

This particular model consists of two separate layers: one inch quilted foam top layer and six inches high density support base made up from coils . The overall viscoelastic memory foam feel ensures that your body sinks into the mattress just enough to relieve pressure points while also preventing any back ache or other similar problems during sleep time.

The Medline Vinyl Innerspring Mattress is waterproof which means it’s great for those who are incontinent or have children that wet the bed. The vinyl cover also makes it easy to clean and maintain although you should note that this best hospital bed mattress isn’t airtight .

This particular model is made in USA, comes with five years warranty and can be shipped quickly throughout most countries of the world.

  • Vinyl waterproof cover (easy to clean and maintain)
  • Five years warranty
  • Not airtight
Medline Advantage 300 Foam Mattress

The Medline Advantage 300 Foam Mattress with Vinyl Cover is a medium priced best hospital bed mattress that might be perfect for those looking to save some money.

This particular model comes in twin size and consists of three separate layers: one inch visco foam top layer , two inches high density base made up from coils  and six-inch vinyl waterproof cover . It’s got very good reviews on Amazon (four stars out of five) which shows it has been well received by the customers who purchased their products !

With this product you will not only get foam mattresses but also an advanced pad system as well as adjustable legs with built-in casters making moving around easier.

The one problem that seems to come up often is the smell it has when you first open the package and start using your mattress. Some people even complain about how stiff and uncomfortable this product is because of its hard foam top layer; however, not many consumers seem to agree with these claims as they only represent a small percentage .

If you are looking for an affordable best hospital bed mattress , then I would recommend this particular model without hesitation !

  • Recommended by medical staff
  • Inexpensive price
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Some people complain about the smell upon opening the package.

How To Choose A Hospital Bed Mattress

Patient Size and Weight

Most beds can hold up to 500 pounds, but those that include more features (such as massage programs and side rails) may only be able to support 300 or less. You want a bed that provides the right level of firmness for your needs too – especially if you plan on using it after you are discharged from the hospital! That means making sure it is soft enough not to cause pressure sores, but firm enough so you won’t sink into it uncomfortably. In addition, consider whether or not your doctor recommends getting an adjustable bed due to specific medical conditions or injuries – some people have even been known to adjust their own mattress with special equipment when they know how!

Mattress Life

It is important to remember that hospital mattresses are not meant for everyday use. The materials used in their construction usually only last about five years, but sometimes less depending on how often they are used and the type of care you receive (for example if your caregiver spends a lot of time adjusting it). When shopping around for a new mattress ask dealers/manufacturers what kind of warranty or coverage they provide if something goes wrong with your bed before the end of its lifespan! Also make sure to consider whether this information matches up with any other warranties offered by medical equipment suppliers – some manufacturers don’t honor each others’ claims even though they all work together.

User Mobility and Functionality

It is important to consider how much you and your caregiver will be moving the bed around if needed (for example it may need to be moved out of the way for cleaning, or simply turned in order to make different adjustments). If this is something that needs done then find a model with easy-glide wheels that can easily move over most surfaces. Also keep in mind where power outlets are located as well as floor space requirements since some beds take up more room than others do! Finally, ask dealers/manufacturers whether they recommend buying an extra mattress protector – these covers typically only cost about $25 but go a long way towards extending the life of any hospital bed by keeping spills at bay

Patient Movement and Comfort

Keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time laying down on your hospital bed, so it is important to find one with the right level of firmness for your needs. Some beds offer adjustable levels as well as massage programs and other features which can help keep things comfortable no matter how long you spend lying around! The main thing to remember is that every mattress has different features – and finding one that meets all or even most of your criteria isn’t always easy. Don’t forget too that some dealers/manufacturers do not honor each others’ warranties if their own products aren’t used (for example they might say an automatic pillow lift won’t work without batteries from another manufacturer).

Types of Hospital Bed Mattresses

Manual Hospital Beds

This type of bed is used for patients who will not need to adjust the height or angle once they are put in place. They may be more appropriate for those with short term injuries, as this mattress does require a bit of manual labor and physical strength on behalf of the patient or caregiver when making adjustments.

Manual hospital beds provide convenience and ease due to their simple design and lack of moving parts that come with motorized models (which can break down over time). These beds do have some drawbacks though, such as being very heavy.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

This type of bed is more advanced than manual beds. It includes some features that are similar to both hospital and home mattresses, such as the ability to adjust head/foot height at any angle. This feature can make it easier for caregivers or family members to help the patient get in and out of bed without causing further injury, but may also be beneficial later on down the road if something does happen due to its added flexibility.

These types of beds typically require a power source nearby (either by plugging into an outlet or using batteries). Some models have automatic controls so this isn’t much trouble though. The main drawback with semi-electric beds is cost – they tend to be pricier than other options due their additional capabilities, most notably the height adjustment feature.

Full-Electric Hospital Beds

As the name implies, this type of bed is fully electric. This makes it easier to adjust for caregivers due to its automatic controls, which can be beneficial if someone will not be around all day or night long (for example if a spouse works during the week while another takes care of their loved one).

These beds are more advanced than semi-electric models and typically require professional installation by an authorized dealer/repair person. They may also need special outlets installed in order to provide power for them when they aren’t able to use batteries instead. The main drawback with full-electric hospital beds is that they tend to cost significantly more money – but some people feel that the added convenience is worth it regardless!

Specialty Beds

There are also specialty hospital beds that include some extras, often for additional comfort or safety. For example, you can find models with special features like side rails (which prevent the patient from rolling out of bed during the night) and even massage programs to help relax muscles after surgery. These types of beds typically cost more than standard options due to their unique capabilities – but they may be worth it depending on your personal needs!

Tips for using a hospital bed mattress

  • The hospital bed mattress should be firm.
  • It is best to bring your own pillow when you are in the hospital, but if that isn’t an option, ask for a rolled up towel or blanket instead of using the paper thin pillows provided by hospitals.
  • Hospitals also provide blankets and sheets which can irritate sensitive skin so it is good practice to have your caregiver wash these before use on your bed.
  • Place a fitted sheet overtop just as you would at home from head to toe with no wrinkles along the sides where movement could cause them to bunch up between your legs making it difficult for nurses who need access during night time changes without having to wake you up first! This will greatly improve comfort while sleeping in the hospital.
  • If you are in the Mayo Clinic or another very advanced facility, there is a chance they will provide an air mattress which can maximize comfort and safety to reduce pressure points that cause bedsores while resting at night.
  • Keep your back straight when sleeping on your side by placing pillows between your knees and under your arms so it helps prevent rolling onto flat surfaces where laying too long makes it more likely for painful bed sores to happen.
  • While sitting up keep your legs elevated higher than heart level whenever possible during recovery time as gravity also plays a role with blood flow causing clots if not moving around enough after surgery. This could lead to deadly complications such as pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
  • Another great mattress alternative for sitting upright is the hospital bed chair which has a high back of up to 30 degrees and comes with an adjustable footrest. These are very convenient as you don’t need even lift your butt off the seat to reposition yourself in order to stand, sit or lie down again without much effort at all! It’s also easy on caregivers who may have a bad knee from years working as nurses or other medical professionals standing long shifts throughout their career walking through these types of facilities daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone need a hospital bed at home?

Hospital beds for home use are also known as patient lift systems and allow you to elevate the head, foot or both simultaneously. This is a great feature that can help prevent future back injuries from prolonged bed rest which leads to muscle atrophy and early onset of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

Depending on your diagnosis it may be necessary to sleep in certain positions such as sleeping semi-sitting up with pillows propped behind head or under knees depending upon surgery location like hip replacement vs knee replacement for example. It’s important not only keep weight off affected areas but improving circulation so staying mobile during recovery time helps circulate blood flow without putting too much pressure on tender spots where pain medication alone won’t always cut it!

What Size Should My Mattress Have?

The best hospital bed mattress will have a width of at least 30 inches or 80 centimeters and is perfect for almost anyone over the age of 14.

This size also works well with bariatric patients who are extremely obese as they can fit in them comfortably which reduces pressure on their hips, shoulders and other hard to reach places where sores tend to happen without having to be moved around during night time changes when most deep sleep occurs.

If you plan on getting your caregiver involved make sure there’s enough space between beds for nursing carts etc so it doesn’t disturb another patient while passing by (even if that means moving furniture like dressers into another room temporarily).

Do you need a prescription for a hospital bed?

Most insurance providers cover bariatric products including hospital beds as long as a medical professional prescribes it.

This is why finding out the exact dimensions of your bed at home and comparing them to what size will work best for you during recovery time prevents unnecessary back pain from sleeping on too small or large surface areas which could put pressure on stiff joints causing further injury instead of experiencing relief!

Many patients assume they can sleep in their own bed immediately after knee, hip replacement surgery but this isn’t always the case depending upon location and severity level which requires proper precautions be taken by both patient and caregiver before going into another room alone even if that means being admitted longer than normal to keep an eye out for risk due to weak immune system.

Can I use a regular innerspring mattress with a hospital bed?

Yes you can but it’s not recommended for reasons mentioned earlier which is why the best hospital bed mattress will have thicker more durable padding with a breathable waterproof cover to help prevent allergic reactions and sores.

A regular innerspring mattress may also sag or tear at seams faster than usual due to weight restrictions so keep this in mind when looking into purchasing one before deciding on what works best for your needs!

There are many different types of beds available on today’s market including adjustable, motorized etc that range from $50-$5000 depending upon size, type and additional features included such as massage capabilities or built-in electric heating pads.

How do you get rid of a hospital bed?

If you plan on getting rid of the hospital bed make sure first that it’s empty and clean before taking it down unless otherwise instructed by your caregiver.

It’s also important to check with local government recycling laws or environmental regulations for proper disposal methods in case there are any electrical parts, metals used etc which will help keep our landfills cleaner while preventing hazardous materials from leaking into groundwater supplies leading to contamination! Some charities may accept gently used products so call around locally if needed but overall just another reason why having a best hospital bed mattress is crucial during recovery time when weight bearing restrictions prevent mobility at home without assistance.


Choosing a hospital bed mattress can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Our goal at Best Hospital Bed Mattresses is to help our customers find the perfect match by providing them with information about four different types of mattresses, as well as tips on how they should be used and care instructions. We also have a FAQ section that will address any questions you may have.